The Worst Celebrity Feuds

Carey seemed hesitant to stop by the radio show, after some drama between them in the past.

Andy Cohen and Sandra Bernhard got quite the surprise on Wednesday from the one and only Mariah Carey. A surprise that almost didn't happen.

Throughout both of their "Radio Andy" and "Sandyland" shows on SiriusXM, the two hosts kept repeating how Carey was down the hall doing another interview, as they hoped she would grace them with her presence before exiting the building.

She did ... but clearly had some reservations about being on air with Bernhard. Watch some of their interaction below.

It's unclear what Carey said about the comedian, but it prompted Cohen to say, "Sandy loves you!" as Bernhard pleaded with the singer to briefly join them on the radio.

"No ... Mimi ... no, I'm not," said Sandra. "Listen. I played homage to you at a time. Come for one minute, Mimi. Let's bury the hatchet!"

As she stepped up to the studio mic, Carey said, "Oh my gosh, I don't know where this is going to go."

"I adore you. Even back in the day, we've talked this through," Bernhard continued. "Well, well, well, no need to go back down that memory lane," Carey replied.

The singer, whose new album "Caution" drops this week, only stayed in the studio for a couple minutes, celebrating the recent resurgence of "Glitter" on iTunes before peacing out.

"So Mimi does not think you like her," Cohen said to Bernhard after Carey left the room, prompting the comedian to share a little of the backstory there.

"I did a funny piece about Mimi years ago," she explained, "and [Mariah's former manager] Sandy Gallin, god rest his soul, called me and said, 'Please stop doing this piece about Mimi.' I said, 'It's funny!'"

"Back in the day, where you could use language that you can't use now, I did a thing about Mimi and the men she was with, diving into the water and doing her thing," she continued, putting it lightly. As a New York Magazine piece from 1998 reminds us, what she actually said was: "Now she's trying to backtrack on our asses, gettin' real n-----ish up there at the Royalton hotel suite with Puff Daddy and all the greasy, chain-wearing black men. 'Oooh, yeah, Daddy . . . I got a little bit of black in me, too.'"

But Bernhard thinks their interaction today "smoothed it" over. "She knows, she said I look good," she added. "She looks fabulous. She's been through so much and she's still standing and looking terrific. I am a little overwhelmed. There are certain people that are really iconic and wonderful. Yeah, she's crazy, but she's so brilliant in her craziness."

Cohen will get more time to grill Mariah on Monday, when she appears on "Watch What Happens Live," and we can't wait.

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