Sharon Osbourne Says Les Moonves Had 'Bad Breath' and Reveals She Hasn't Spoken to Julie Chen in 'Forever'
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"You could smell him coming," says "The Talk" co-host in her first candid interview about the ousted CBS CEO.

Sharon Osbourne finally gave her real, unfiltered thoughts on former CBS CEO Les Moonves, who was ousted from the network over multiple sexual misconduct complaints, and they're radio gold.

"I don't f--king know him," she said Wednesday on SiriusXM's "Jim and Sam Show" when asked about the husband of her former "The Talk" co-host Julie Chen.

"We never had shits and giggles. I think I was too loud for him. I think he likes women that are much more low-key than me," she said. "I had nothing to do with him. I was on the show, I loved working with Julie, she was great, so professional to work with."

When asked if there she ever had any "physical attraction" to Moonves, Osbourne exclaimed, "F--k no!"

"I think he had bad breath, if I remember. Oh, yeah. You could smell him coming. I think he had a bit of gingivitis, if I remember," she said. "I'm like, 'Did you suck fish for breakfast?' It's like what the f--k did you clean your teeth with this morning? Shit?"

"It was all that masturbating," she joked. "He must have come in his mouth or something, I don't know."

Back in August, six women accused Moonves of sexual misconduct in a New Yorker exposé written by Ronan Farrow -- the same journalist that exposed Harvey Weinstein's disturbing trail of sexual misconduct, harassment and assault allegations. Moonves was removed from his position two months later when six more women came forward in another New Yorker piece by Farrow.

Over the summer, Chen briefly addressed the scandal on "The Talk" and released a short statement that she would be standing by her husband. In September, when Moonves' investigation was underway, the television host ended an episode of "Big Brother" with her full name -- Julie Chen Moonves -- a clear indicator of her allegiance to her husband. A few days later, she announced she was leaving "The Talk" after nine years.

Osbourne said Wednesday that she hasn't "spoken to Julie in forever," but respects her decision and imagined it would have been "embarrassing" to continue to work for CBS in wake of her husband being fired.

"I love Julie," Osbourne said. "Julie's the best, you know, and her marriage is her marriage. And she's standing by him, and I do respect her for it."

"We didn't speak during the break or she didn't call and say, 'I'm having to go.' That tape was delivered, and that was it," she continued. "We were going back and forth and thinking, 'She's sticking by her husband and the things that we discuss on the show, it would be so awkward for her. I don't know how she could come into a conversation and give an opinion... If she thinks her husband wasn't guilty, but this one's guilty.' Do you know what I'm saying?"

"It would have been terribly embarrassing for her, just really, really tough on her," Osbourne added. "I mean, when they were doing the investigation, I think that every female employee through CBS got a letter from the people that are dong the investigation for the company to say, 'Have you ever had any inappropriate meetings with him? Has he ever been inappropriate with you?' When your husband has been the boss and he's run everything, and when you come in, everybody is doing an invisible curtsy ... and then you come in and if you want a cappuccino, 'Oh actually, you have to pay for that now.' You can't go back to being an employee, because it wasn't like she was an employee."

Osbourne concluded, "Hey, listen, she must love that little guy."

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