Bette Midler Strikes a Nerve by Targeting '#FLOTITS' Melania Trump on Twitter
Melania Trump's Sexiest Looks BEFORE She Was First Lady

Midler's Twitter feed is making headlines again. But we're not sure how much outrage there actually is.

Bette Midler is facing another spell of bad press, this time for a tweet making fun of FLOTUS Melania Trump.

"The dry cleaning bill for the upholstery on Air Force One must be insane," she tweeted Wednesday, along with a picture of model Melania and her right nipple posing for GQ in 2000.

The kicker: '#FLOTITS'

About a month after offending the black community for calling women the "n-word of the world," she's making headlines for allegedly facing a wave of backlash.

Midler was called out by The Daily Mail, The Mercury News, Page 6, Huffington Post, Fox News and Breitbart -- to name a few -- for what is being commonly described as a "vulgar" tweet about the first lady.

But despite all of the media attention, the outrage hasn't blown up into a trending topic on Twitter...yet, at least. Although tweet has attracted over 9,600 comments -- significantly higher than the few hundred comments that usually accompany a tweet from the "Hocus Pocus" star -- we don't see an overwhelming amount of negative reactions.

Lots of people commenting seem to have gotten a kick out of the joke, while supporters of President Donald Trump are predictably shaming the actress and some women from the other side of the aisle wish Midler wouldn't have shamed Melania for modeling her body.

See a sample of the mixed bag below:

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