The Devastating Aftermath of the Malibu Fire

The legendary comedian launches into an impromptu and utterly scathing roast of his "friend" Donnie, Huck and the rest of their GOP pals.

Somebody needs to book Martin Short for the next White House Correspondents' Dinner because he delivered an epic roast of Donald Trump on "Late Night."

The legendary comedian slipped into the impromptu monologue on a whim after Seth Meyers asked him if he knew the president. From there, Meyers was wise enough to just let Martin go, only providing the proper responses to keep the narrative weaving in new and unexpected directions.

"We're old buddies," Martin said of Trump. "Sometimes we'll just sit and gossip. We love to braid each other's hair. When I say hair, he has one hair."

He poked fun at Mar-a-Lago, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Ted Cruz and even Scott Baio. When talking about playing golf with Trump, Martin said that the president almost cancelled on him.

"It was raining 300 miles away and he panicked," Short explained. "He's like the Wicked Witch in 'The Wizard of Oz.'"

He saved a little of his roast for his best pal and comic partner Steve Martin. "There's no blood in that face," he said, referring to Steve's whiteness. "He is the human embodiment of Utah."

There were plenty of other jabs at how white Steve is, and how have we never noticed how good Martin Short is at roasting people? Comedy Central has been missing out.

The heir apparent to Don Rickles has emerged. He doesn't even need a script, he just comes up with the most ridiculous things, and like Rickles he seems to be a genuinely sweet guy under the sick burns. Check out all his hilarious takedowns in the video above.

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