Monica Lewinsky Reveals 'Silly Thing' She Did to Catch Bill Clinton's Eye
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In a new documentary, Lewinsky talks about her early flirtations with the then-president.

Monica Lewinsky wasn't immediately smitten with former president Bill Clinton, but once she developed a "crush," she found a way to make him pay attention.

The one-time White House intern spoke about her affair with POTUS on "The Clinton Affair," a brand new six-hour documentary for A&E. In a new preview clip from the series, Lewinsky reveals how she caught Clinton's eye, after initially thinking he was just another "old guy with wiry gray hair."

"I didn't get it until the first time I was really in his presence," she said of other people's attraction to him. "I was struck in a way that he had this ability to hold everybody who was there -- not just young women, not just older women, but young men, older men, gay, straight -- everyone is sort of starry-eyed in his presence. I kind of have to laugh at my younger self, but that was when my crush started."

Calling their first meeting forgettable, the now 45-year-old said Clinton "paid a lot of attention to me" the second time they met. To keep his attention, she said she wore the same outfit two days in a row.

"He spent time standing there and held my hand longer than he should have ... it feels as if you're the only person standing there," she said of their second meeting. "The next day we had a surprise party for Bill on the South Lawn that the staff was having, I did this really silly thing -- I ran home at lunch time and I put back on the sage green suit I wore the day before, when he paid attention to me. I thought maybe he'd notice me again and notice me he did."

From there, they had what she characterized as a number of "flirtatious encounters."

In a second clip, Lewinsky spilled on one of the gifts Clinton allegedly gave her when their relationship was in full swing.

She detailed how the president's secretary ushered her into a study off of the Oval Office, before she "hid" in the attached dining room. "The illusion to everyone else was that I was not alone with him," explained Lewinksy.

"Bill gave me this box, which had a hat pin ... and then he gave me this beautiful copy of 'Leaves of Grass,'" she recalled. "It was a very meaningful present to me. It's an intimate book that you don't just give lightly."

It was then that they "moved to the bathroom and we were more intimate."

According to Page Six, Lewinsky went on to explain how that encounter was the one which led to the now-infamous stain on her blue dress.

The six-part miniseries "The Clinton Affair" premieres Sunday, November 18 on A&E.

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