Bill Maher Tries to Move On But Twitter's Not Done Trashing Him for Insulting Stan Lee
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Maher came under fire for a blog post he wrote on Saturday blaming Stan Lee and comic books for the rise of Donald Trump.

Comedian Bill Maher turned his spotlight onto Trump in his latest tweet, and first comments since he trashed Stan Lee posthumously, but Twitter wasn't ready to move on.

Maher was commenting on the fact that Trump made his way to California on Sunday for the first time since the most recent spate of deadly wildfires have rocked the state. He used the opportunity to praise the tireless work of California's firefighters while making a familiar commentary on the president's mental state.

It was a familiar refrain from Maher, who probably hasn't given much thought to his original comments about the creator (or co-creator) of many of Marvel Comics' most popular characters. He was already back to doing what he normally does, make fun of the establishment and focus on politics.

But clearly, Twitter wasn't ready to move on, lighting up the comments section to Maher's tweets with more trolling about his comments regarding Stan Lee.

In a blog post on Saturday, the "Real Time" host trashed adult fans of comic books and blamed Stan Lee for Trump's ascension to power. Maher's most direct criticism is one that has plagued the comic book medium for decades.

"They pretended comic books were actually sophisticated literature," Maher wrote in the post he titled "Adulting," continuing the narrative that comic books are inherently for children.

It was from this basic premise, and based on the popularity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, that he made his rather dubious connection to the world of politics. "I don’t think it’s a huge stretch to suggest that Donald Trump could only get elected in a country that thinks comic books are important," he wrote.

And yet, comic books are huge in many other cultures that don't have issues with leadership because of them. It was a misinformed statement based on prejudice and ignorance and social media was quick to let him know and rake him over the coals. Plus, making this commentary on the back of someone's death just reeked of opportunism. Just ask Armie Hammer.

It's not like this is uncharted territory for Maher, who also took a "superior human" stance when interviewing Stormy Daniels, insulting the entire adult entertainment industry because he's so much better than that. Just as he's so much better than comics. Except, you know, that he isn't. He's just small-minded and prejudiced, much like many of the people he attacks.

Check out some of the responses to Maher's attempt to move on (without addressing the controversy he stirred up) below, followed by some of the responses to his original op/ed.

Responding to Original Blog Post

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