Kim Kardashian Coaches Daughter North West Through a Makeup Meltdown: 'Focus'
Kim Kardashian and Her Krew Take Miami

And Kim almost panics when she her daughter spills makeup on Kris Jenner's new carpet.

Kim Kardashian coached her daughter North West through a makeup meltdown on Friday when they teamed up for a cute tutorial that was interrupted by the little girl's temper tantrum.

In honor of her KKW Glam Smoky Bible launch, Kim brought out the new beauty items for her and North to participate in a makeup "tutorial." While getting her makeup done, Kim moved at one point, which turned the five-year-old into a complete panic.

Kim posted the entire beauty sesh to her Instagram Stories on Friday, while spending the day at mom Kris Jenner's new Palm Springs house. First step in the tutorial was foundation.

North took the KKW beauty blender and applied the makeup all over her mom's face. The liquid went everywhere, including Kris' spotless gray carpet.

"Shit. My mom is gonna kill us," Kim told her followers. "We're at her house."

"We have to really clean this or our lovely is going to kill us!" the mom of three said to North.

Next up on the makeup list was KKW beauty's black eyeliner. Instead of putting the black pencil on Kim's eyes, North decided to use the eyeliner as a crayon and drew the letters "KKW" on Kim's cheek. This was where disaster struck.

In the next clip, North is seen on the floor screaming and crying at the top of her lungs having a fit. Kim explained that she wasn't being the ideal client.

"I moved," she said. "I'm sorry. I moved. I didn't know it would cause this much of big deal. My makeup artists usually don't act this way."

"Okay, let's focus," she added.

North continued to do her mom's makeup and put eyeliner all over Kim's eyelids. The reality star then explained that the tiny tot wasn't "happy with her look" so they decided to start over.

Kim also got some help from her niece Dream Kardashian, 2, her brother Rob's daughter that he shares with ex Blac Chyna.

Dream was tasked with putting highlighter and blush on her aunt. Fortunately, for Kim, no more meltdowns.

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