'RHOA' Fight of the Night: Nene Leakes Thinks Eva Marcille Looks 'Stupid' During Shady Game of Pass the Peach
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Eva has lots to say about her co-stars behind their backs, but is she able to own the shade in person?

Eva Marcille was caught up in the middle of all the drama on Sunday's "Real Housewives of Atlanta" -- and according to NeNe Leakes, was "looking a little stupid."

The shadefest went down when Cynthia Bailey hosted a "Bailey-cue" at her home, Lake Bailey. She urged the ladies to bring a plus one, and Porsha Williams showed up with two people: Shamea Morton and her sister, Lauren. Naturally, Eva wasn't happy to see Shamea after last week's episode, when she complained to Porsha that her friend was "messy," "shady" and basically untrustworthy. Their beef stems from last season but was allegedly put to bed at Cynthia's Love and Light Ceremony.

"Cynthia's directive was to bring a plus one," Eva told the camera. "But no, [Porsha] brings Lauren and...and..." Refusing to say Shamea's name, Eva took a sip from her drink. Shade!

What Eva didn't know was that Porsha had filled Shamea in on all the smack Eva talked about her the last time everyone hung out. Shamea was genuinely confused by it all because she thought -- like the rest of us -- that everything had been squashed last season. But Shamea was determined to focus on eating (she's pregnant) and avoid any pettiness. And honestly, that's a pretty solid way to go through life.

At the Bailey-cue, Cynthia insisted the ladies play a game of Pass the Peach, which was 100 percent intended to spark up drama. "The person with the peach either answers the question or passes the peach to the person that they think the question is about." We see you, Ms. Bailey!

NeNe pulled the first question: "Who do you think in this group needs a makeover?" NeNe passed the peach to Porsha, who passed it to Eva, who proudly announced that she could "help everybody out with a little bit of glam."

"No shade, I'm gonna pass the peach," she continued, handing the fruit to Shamari DeVoe, the newest Housewife.

Marlo Hampton -- NeNe's forever plus one -- pulled the next question: "Who's a big liar?" She happily answered: "From the past, I would say Porsha. For the future, I would say Eva."

"Pause! Pause, pause, pause, pause, pause," Eva shouted as she stood up. "Why exactly are we a liar?"

Marlo said she didn't feel she really knew Eva. Eva countered by saying she's known Marlo for years. Marlo corrected her, saying she hasn't known her for years -- she's seen her "be fabulous for years."

"But you're definitely extra, and sometimes, you're extra when it's not appropriate," Eva replied. Marlo shot back, "Well, it's not appropriate to be basic. You're basic, darling."

During her confessional, Eva threw shade Marlo's way. "I know of Marlo, and I've seen Marlo multiple times at different events. How I lie? I have no idea, but what I do lie is on my bed, comfortably, next to my man. I'm sorry, where do you lie, Marlo? Next to who? Silence? Okay."

Kandi Burruss interrupted the scream fest between Eva and Marlo to say, "I love you, Eva, but I'm about to give you that peach. The other day, you shaded the hell out of Shamea, and now you fixin' bean dip today." (Cue footage of 15 minutes prior, when Eva was catering to Shamea and asking if she wanted some of her seven-layer bean dip.)

"Cynthia invited us to the lake and asked us to bring a friend," Eva shouted in defense. "So my first question to Porsha was, 'What friend are you bringing?'"

"I'm sorry, but you were fired up about her," Porsha interrupted. "You were going in, girl."

"I'm sorry, but what's wrong with that?" Eva maintained. "The point is, after Love and Light, there was still shade. The interviewer asked a question about you, and I responded."

Shamea -- who had been quiet up to this point -- responded, "It doesn't matter! People ask me questions about you after Love and Light, and I'm cool on that."

"Where?! When?! How?! And it publishes on what?!" Eva fired back.

In comes Cynthia with her grievances: "I heard from someone that you were telling people that I paid Will to date me."

Taken aback, Eva replied, "What I told you was what I knew to be facts." When Cynthia pressed her, Eva admitted, "I don't know that to be true."

"I don't know if Eva is a liar, but it seems that she's getting a little caught up now," NeNe later told Bravo cams. "It's looking a little stupid."

"The Real Housewives of Atlanta" airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on Bravo.

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