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"When I've had a couple of rough seasons, I've thought, 'Am I crazy for going back?'" Vanderpump says when asked if she'll return for Season 10.

Lisa Vanderpump is still being coy about whether or not she'd leave "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," but one thing she's not being coy about is her strained relationship with her castmates.

While appearing on "The Talk" Tuesday morning, LVP was asked -- for what feels like the millionth time -- if she'd return to the series for Season 10.

"That's like saying, 'Am I invited to your Christmas party next year?' I have no idea if the show's picked up," she said. "I don't know yet. We're gonna see how this season plays out. This season was very difficult for me, and I did find that I kind of floundered this season. It's my ninth season. I had a very difficult year. After doing 'Vanderpump Rules' and opening a new business, things got very complicated. I'm in most of the season, but it got a bit complicated."

When asked if she's ever been close to calling it quits, Lisa replied, "When I've had a couple of rough seasons, yes, then I've thought, 'Am I crazy for going back?' I think anybody that's watched the show, when they've seen [me] be under attack a little bit, it's been hard."

"But then I've also gained so much from this show," she countered. "I mean, it's given me so many opportunities and things -- platforms -- to do the things I'm passionate about."

And one of those things, Lisa said, has been the Vanderpump Dog Foundation -- which celebrated it's third annual gala earlier this month. TooFab was fortunate enough to attend and catch up with LVP, where she slyly shaded her castmates -- like only Lisa Vanderpump can do.

We also asked her if she was disappointed by the lack of attendance of anyone in particular. She said she wished Sharon Osbourne had come but understood why she couldn't. Incidentally, Sharon asked her the very same question on Tuesday's "The Talk."

Lisa reiterated that she missed Sharon, and the two had a laugh. Then Sharon clarified, "Were you disappointed about the other ladies not attending?"

"Well, basically, it's a charity gala. You expect people to buy tables and support it, but I wasn't in a great place with them," Lisa explained. "So the fact that they didn't come was disappointing, but it hasn't been great."

Overall, Lisa said she's had "a bloody good time" doing "RHOBH," so maybe, that'll be enough to keep her coming back?

See all the shade she threw at her castmates in TooFab's interview below.

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