Macaulay Culkin Netflix and Chills 'Home Alone' With Girlfriends and Wants to Change His Name
"Home Alone" Cast -- Then & Now

"When that movie comes on this time of year," Fallon said, "this is the hottest time to be Macaulay Culkin."

Macaulay Culkin has not been opposed to watching his own movies as long as it got the "motor running" for his past girlfriends.

The former child star sat down for what ended up being a very candid interview with Jimmy Fallon on "The Tonight Show" Wednesday night. While he ostensibly went on the show to talk about changing his name, he found himself spilling on some more intimate details about his love life.

"When that movie comes on this time of year," Fallon said, "this is the hottest time to be Macaulay Culkin."

The two then discussed how prevalent his "Home Alone" movies are around the holidays.

"It's like you got a new girlfriend and you're just flipping through the channels and then there's 'Home Alone' and she's like 'hey, you wanna watch it?'" Culkin said.

"And it's like, 'you want to watch "Home Alone" with Macaulay Culkin, doncha?'" he continued. "And she's like 'yesss.'"

"But do you do it?" Fallon asked,

"I have indulged that," Culkin admitted. "Most of the time I'm just muttering my lines under my breath. It's like 'Keep the change you filthy animal.'"

Culkin then confessed it was really just for the benefit of his lady friends. "Whatever gets your motor running, I guess," he said sardonically.

The two then got to the whole changing his name thing.

"So I was staring at my passport recently and was looking over my middle name," Culkin explained. "My current middle name is Carson. But then you have to say," Culkin said taking on a lilting Irish accent, "'Macaulay Carson Culkin.' It's very Irish."

"I was thinking I probably should spruce up my name a little bit."

Culkin went on to tell viewers they could vote on what his new middle name would be. He has narrowed it down to five options after polling his family and friends.


The first option is purposefully redundant: Macaulay 'Macaulay Culkin' Culkin

"So if somebody comes up to me at the airport and says, 'Excuse me, are you Macaulay Culkin?' I can say, 'Well Macaulay Culkin is my middle name,'" Culkin explained facetiously.

Second option: Macaulay "Shark Week" Culkin

The third was Fallon's favorite (until he changed his mind): Macaulay "Kieran" Culkin

"My brother Kieran suggested Kieran," Culkin said.

Fourth: Macaulay "The McRib® is Back" Culkin

And the fifth (drum roll please): Macaulay "Publicity Stunt" Culkin

This being an overt nod to the name change being only in the service of promoting his website, which he describes as being a cross between Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop and The Onion.

And yes, he is legally going to change his name. "So seriously," Culkin told viewers, "go to and vote because I will legally change my name."

Fallon ended up voting for Macaulay "Macaulay Culkin" Culkin.

The new name will be revealed Christmas morning (with polls closing the night before), Culkin said, "If you guys want to get me a Christmas present it will be a middle name."