Ellen DeGeneres Helps Julia Roberts' Instagram Game by Bringing in Boobs, Food, TBT and a Mini-Reunion
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Julia Roberts' Best Candids Since Joining Instagram

Julia Roberts is overwhelmed and embarrassed as "Ellen" decks her out with enormous fake boobs, brings out Martha Stewart and stages a "My Best Friend's Wedding" mini-reunion.

Julia Roberts is relatively new to Instagram, so Ellen DeGeneres decided to help her out with some tips on how to increase her follower base on "Ellen." They also talked about the media's obsession with women's ages and Julia's unusual first "acting" job.

But the real highlight of the hour came when Ellen decided to take Julia under her wing and help her Instagram game. As Ellen pointed out a few times, Julia has three million followers, which isn't too shabby, but Ellen has 60 million.

And so began a series of unfortunate events that left Julia more and more uncomfortable and embarrassed, while we have to admit we were only laughing harder and harder. It all started downhill with a pair of enormous fake boobs Ellen brought out to help Julia channel the Kardashians.

While Julia was mostly game with the ridiculousness, she adorably kept trying to cover up her new chest when Ellen would surprise her with new guests. First, Martha Stewart came out to help her Instagram about food, and then Ellen brought out her "My Best Friend's Wedding" costar Dermot Mulroney, because IG loves a mini-reunion.

There was even an awkward picture of young Julia to prepare her for Throwback Thursday. She jokingly called that pic the "before" while her bustier look is "after."

In all honesty, she doesn't need the fake boobs to look great, either. And while Roberts isn't ashamed of her age, she also talked about how she finds it irritating that the media tends to emphasize her age.

It's certainly not something that happens as often for younger stars, or even male stars as they age until they get significantly older, but women tend to start getting identified by their ages as they approach and surpass 50. Ellen, who is older than Julia, absolutely agreed.

"I told a story in a magazine not that long ago and I said, for my birthday, I said something about being 50 and they changed it to 51 because three weeks after the magazine came out I was going to be 51," Julia told Ellen. "I felt, well, hold on a minute. That is not truth in advertising."

She also thought a woman's age wasn't the most exciting detail that could be included. "I would rather they say, Julia Roberts, who hasn’t shaved her legs in a week--’" Julia suggested. "At least that gives you some kind of, sort of interesting information."

Or maybe they could talk about how she once played a hillbilly bear mascot at a pizza restaurant when she was in high school. That's certainly interesting. And, Julia wasn't ashamed to admit, she kind of loved it.

That didn't mean it was the same kind of glamour and glitz she's maybe gotten used to as a Hollywood star. "I was not the only person to wear this costume. Like for sure there were bears before me," Julia said. "There was a button on the very top that had a fan that really just circulated the history of the costume."

She admitted it sounded bad when she talked about it like that, but it was something she genuinely enjoyed doing. Perhaps it was the burgeoning actor in her. And that means that there are people out there who had their birthday cake delivered by Julia Roberts when they were little kids ... they just don't know it.

So maybe be nicer to the next bear who delivers food to you. They could be famous some day!

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