The Muppets Receive a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Kermit and James look at the side effects of some very specific situations like working with an awesome house band, dating a pig and being green.

Kermit the Frog popped up -- quite literally -- on "The Late Late Show" Thursday night to help James Corden with some "Side Effects," before joining fellow guests Minka Kelly and Peter Krause on the couch.

Corden kicked off the "Side Effects" segment with a very specific topic: "Working with an awesome house band." He had to admit, it wasn't the most relatable of topics, but that's when Kermit popped out from under his desk.

"It's a real swamp down here, James," he said.

"Okay, well there's a lot of lights," James said awkwardly. It makes me sweat a lot, okay."

Kermit then took over the bit with very pointed descriptions of the various members of the classic "Muppet Show" house band, Electric Mayhem, while James found eerie parallels between them and his band.

They then dug deeper into a few other topics like the side effects of being in love with a pig, which include learning to change the subject when they ask if this outfit makes them look fat, or the side effects of being green.

Hint: there's only one.

Finally, the bit culminated in "Not knowing if you're a man or a Muppet," which led to a rousing rendition of the song from the "Muppets" film. And really, things could have ended on a pretty high note -- particularly from Kermit -- if the Muppet had wrapped his time on "The Late Late Show" right there.

Alas, he joined Minka Kelly and Peter Krause for the interview segment of the show as well, which was filled with disappointment and horror all around for the diminutive frog. It also proved how gifted and talented the Muppet performers are, as this is a completely unscripted format.

Not only does Kermit's mouth move with every stammer and correction he makes, he proved himself quick-witted and charming and always recognizably in character no matter what was thrown his way.

When Krause revealed that his high school girlfriend had nicknamed him Kermit, the frog shot back, "I'm curious, Peter, how did she react when you called her Piggy?"

Kermit and James talked a little about the challenges of being single in Hollywood, and how Kermit has had to change his pickup strategy over the years. "My big pickup line used to be, 'Wanna play leapfrog?'" he shared. "You can't do that anymore."

James asked Minka Kelly (also single) if she'd ever be interested in dating someone like Kermit. "I don't know, I think I've kissed enough frogs in my day," she said. "Sorry, Kermit."

But that was just the first blow, as Peter had a story to share of a time when he used to run a traveling puppet theater. Let's just say it's very important to properly secure any trailer to your hitch. Otherwise, horrific things can happen and there can be casualties.

You can check out Kermit's reaction to Peter's puppet misadventures in the video below:

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