Jimmy Fallon Can't Handle Dolly Parton's Penis Joke About Her Husband and Jennifer Aniston
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The country icon shares TMI about her husband's sexual fantasies on "The Tonight Show."

Dolly Parton had Jimmy Fallon rolling on the floor laughing when she suggested a threesome with herself, her husband and a certain famous actress.

While promoting her new music for the upcoming Netflix film "Dumplin'" Friday night, Parton recalled how the movie's star, Jennifer Aniston, approached her for the soundtrack. The singer pointed out that while she loves Aniston "to death," her husband, Carl Dean, is "crazy" about the actress.

"He was more excited that I was gonna do a movie with her than he was [about how] I got the chance to write all this music," she said. "I think he kinda fantasizes like a threesome with us."

A blushing Fallon pointed at the camera and yelled for Dean to stop watching the screen. "Carl, go to bed!" the late-night host exclaimed.

And it was good advice, because Parton proceeded to drop an even more salacious joke at her hubby's expense.

"But I'm serious, he does [fantasize about it]," she said. "I think he can't even get it out to pee much less get it up for three."

This brought Fallon over the edge with laughter. The "Saturday Night Live" vet fell out of his desk chair, hit the floor and buried his face in his hands.

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