Ellen Pompeo Suggests Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb 'Lay Off the Booze and Pay Attention'
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It seems the "Today" show hosts' Twitter struck a nerve.

Ellen Pompeo has some criticism for Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb following Today.com's coverage of her interview with Jada Pinkett Smith.

During her Monday appearance on Smith's "Red Table Talk," the "Grey's Anatomy" star spoke about race, her experience with raising three biracial children and how she deals with criticism from haters. She also briefly touched upon her relationship with former on-screen love interest, Patrick Dempsey, saying she hadn't spoken to him "since he left the show."

When Today.com chose to focus on the Derek "McDreamy" Shepherd angle rather than on Pompeo's discussion of race relations, she playfully fired back.

".@EllenPompeo and @PatrickDempsey haven't spoken since he left 'Grey's Anatomy'," Gifford and Kotb's joint Twitter account posted along with a link to the Today.com story.

"Hey, here's a suggestion!!" Pompeo replied. "Maybe all of you over there lay off the booze and pay attention to the real conversation that took place?"

Although her tweet was accompanied with three wine glass emojis and three tongue-out faces, we can't help but think Pompeo was slightly annoyed by the coverage.

While Gifford and Kotb have yet to respond to the tweet -- or to TooFab's request for comment -- many of Pompeo's "stans" were quick to shower the actress with praise.

The two morning-show hosts were likely preoccupied with Gifford announcing on Tuesday she would be leaving the "Today" show after 11 years.

Pompeo also retweeted the following:

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