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Fellow guest and "Aquaman" star Patrick Wilson cracks Ellen up by absolutely destroying James Corden for a poorly-worded question.

Patrick Wilson and Ellen DeGeneres were having more fun than James Corden could handle during their joint appearance on "The Late Late Show" Tuesday night.

It was a little unusual seeing Ellen on the other side of an interview, but she acquitted herself well with hilarious stories about when animal rescue goes wrong and when fashion goes wrong. And then she was able to just sit back and enjoy when James' question to Patrick went even more wrong.

Ellen has always been a proud animal lover and admitted that she started rescuing animals as a small child, even giving mouth-to-mouth resuscitation that miraculously worked to a bird that smacked into a window and knocked itself out.

More recently, though, she's suffered a few mishaps along the way. It's not easy to be a good person all the time.

"I was trying to get one dog in the car that was in the middle of the road," she told James and Patrick. "I had the door open and I was calling it and calling it, until someone told me that it was a coyote."

But that was nothing compared to a more successful rescue that still managed to be far worse after Ellen rescued a dog she found standing on a sidewalk.

"I took it home, I put signs up and they called me a few hours later and they said, where'd you find it?" Ellen recalled. "I told them where and they said, 'That's our house.'"

"So you stole the dog?" Patrick asked.

"From their house," Ellen confirmed.

Patrick was on fire throughout the interview segment, but no moment was better than when James attempted to ask him about all the stunt and harness work he had to do for his work on "Aquaman." Because James asked about all the rope work while filming.

"Eh, they're really wires, they're not so much ropes anymore," Patrick said. Ellen immediately cracked up, as James went silent.

"I'm just saying, we've moved on from the old days of the Navy, turn of the century, Victorian times," Patrick continued. He then mimed hoisting an actor up with an old-fashioned winch: "'Wheel 'em up!' And he wasn't done there!

"It's strange, I barely gave a shit about the answer before I asked," James said after Patrick finally finished explaining the evolution of wire work in entertainment.

In another segment, James brought Ellen face to face with the terrible fashion choices she made early in her career as a standup comic, including the outfit she chose to wear the first time she appeared on "The Tonight Show" in 1986.

"I always say that it's really embarrassing, 'cause everything we do is on film or photographed and it's out there forever and ever, but at the time that was the fashion," Ellen said.

On closer examination, she quickly amended her statement, adding, "But I can't even say that was ever the fashion. I don't know. Sinbad used to help me pick clothes out. I don't even know what that is."

Ellen DeGeneres' first standup special in 15 years, "Relatable," comes to Netflix on December 18. "Aquaman" swims to theaters a few days later on December 21.

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