Every Time Jennifer Lopez Turned Heads at the MTV VMAs

"This Is Us" star Milo Ventimiglia surprises his "Second Act" costar by joining for the final round to show them both how it's done.

Jennifer Lopez was the perfect person to play "Can You Feel It?" with Jimmy Fallon on "The Tonight Show" because she is one of the few people who seems to be about as squeamish as he is.

What should have moved at a pretty brisk clip slowed to an absolute crawl because neither of them had the nerve to stick their hands in the box to try and identify the bizarre objects placed therein.

And they only made it harder on one another by pretending the objects were even grosser. Now that's true friendship!

For the final round, Jimmy surprised Jennifer with her "Second Act" costar Milo Ventimiglia, and the "This Is Us" star showed them how it's supposed to be done, just jamming his hand fully into a bowl of guacamole while they both jerked theirs right back out upon first touch.

Perhaps Jimmy's proudest moment came when he collapsed on the ground, completely unable to even come close to touching a fake tarantula. In his defense, though, it was moving the box just enough to make him think there was something alive in there.

The absolute best was when he finally touched it, it moved and he jumped away shouting "It bit me!" over and over. Uh, not so much, bud. It's a toy.

Basically, there are two ways a game like this can go. The participants can get serious about trying to identify by touch whatever it is that they're feeling, which is fine.

Or they can go absolutely bananas in fear and terror at the very thought of touching anything. That's the version we got, egged on by them ruthlessly faking each other out about what was in the boxes. In all honesty, this version is so much more fun.

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