Heather Dubrow Hits Back at Ex-'RHOC' Co-Star Star Kelly Dodd for Calling Her 'Skeletor' and 'Joker Face'
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"You're a mom! What kind of role model are you being?" Dubrow responds to Dodd.

The feud between "Real Housewives of Orange County" star Kelly Dodd and her former co-star, Heather Dubrow, rages on.

After Dubrow called out Dodd on her podcast for calling her a "bitch" in a creepily shot video of her standing outside the gym, Kelly clapped back.

Calling Dubrow "thirsty" and "fake, Kelly also questioned why her former castmate was even at the gym -- Orangetheory Fitness -- in the first place, tweeting, "Don't you have a gym and personal trainer at your mansion that you wouldn't show the world?"

Dodd went on to say, "For people thinking my video about Heather [Dubrow] was mean, she yelled at me at Orangetheory." She added that she mistakenly took anger out on the Dubrows over a misunderstanding, "publicly apologized and she still went after me at Orangetheory. That's why I avoid her. Scared of Skeletor. #jokerface."

Addressing Dodd's tweets on her "Heather Dubrow's World" podcast Friday morning, the former reality star said: "Here's the thing, she called me Skeletor and Joker Face. When you're on a reality show, people write such terrible things about you, they make memes of you, they draw sketches... At first, you're super offended, and then you kind of laugh a little bit and then it's whatever, you get over it, but two things..."

"No. 1 -- Are we face shaming and body shaming people still? I thought we were done with that," she continued. "Like, you want to be mad at me, you don't like me, you want to avoid me, you think I yelled at you -- okay, that's fine. You're allowed your narrative. You're allowed your opinion. But why call me Skeletor and Joker Face? And you're a mom! What kind of role model are you being? Don't call people names."

Dubrow went on, "That just always reminds me of the people on social media who just troll other people and just wanna be nasty and say mean things. It definitely goes back to [the saying], 'If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all.' If Kelly wants to be mad or incensed or think that I yelled at her, okay, but don't call me names. Isn't it beneath you? And If it's not, I'm sorry. That makes me feel bad for you."

Before putting all the Dodd talk to bed, Dubrow ended on a high note.

"You know what?" she said. "I choose to take Skeletor and Joker Face as the fact that I'm fit and happy, so there you go."

Listen to Dubrow's podcast in full over at PodcastOne.

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