'RHOA' Fight of the Night: Eva Gets Caught Being Shady Toward NeNe Before Shamari Confronts Porsha
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The Housewives pile on Eva after she fails to invite most of her co-stars to her bachelorette party -- even though she asked NeNe to speak at her wedding.

On Sunday's "Real Housewives of Atlanta," Eva Marcille got caught being shady once again, and although NeNe Leakes didn't let her co-star have it right then and there, she surely sassed her behind the scenes.

While on a NeNe-planned girls' trip, Cynthia Bailey decided to ask Eva in front of everyone how her bachelorette party in Miami was. Eva didn't invite most of the 'Wives, including NeNe, which the girls found odd considering she asked NeNe to speak at her wedding. Yeah, Cynthia knew exactly what she was doing.

Eva looked down, said the festivities were "bomb," then said, "It was a surprise."

"But I was invited a while ago," Porsha Williams blurted out. Kandi Burruss added, "Wait, I'm confused. How is it a surprise if you invited Porsha?" They, too, knew what they were doing.

As Eva's story about how much knowledge she had of the trip kept changing, the tension among the ladies kept growing.

Then Porsha said she "didn't think it was a secret" and asked Eva point-blank why NeNe wasn't invited. Eva maintained she "didn't purposely not invite NeNe." But that explanation wasn't enough for Cynthia and Marlo Hampton, who brought up how Eva always refers to NeNe as her "big sister" and that she's "known her forever."

That's when Eva got emotional.

"I don't have any biological sisters that I know, so for me, women in my life and in my circle is a blessing," she said, fighting back tears. "I don't have to be best friends with NeNe for me to have a level of respect for her. I'm inspired by NeNe. I have seen who NeNe has become. I've seen her successes, and I support her. I don't talk to her every day like [Cynthia does], that's fine. Or every day like Marlo does, that's fine. But that does't change the way I feel about her."

NeNe was flattered but still confused as to why she didn't receive an invite. "I think Marlo and Cynthia's biggest issue was how do you be in somebody's wedding and they don't invite you to the bachelorette weekend?" she said to Eva. "Even if you thought a person was busy, you still extend the invite, whether they're busy or not."

NeNe was surprisingly levelheaded during the conversation, but she was the shade queen we all know and love during her confessional.

"I don't know if I would have gone to Eva's bachelorette party, but an invite would've been f--king nice," she vented. "I mean, she did ask me to speak at her wedding, so it seems to me it would make more sense if she had just said, 'Hey, girl, do you wanna come to Florida?!' And I probably would've said, 'Hey, girl, no!

But in person, NeNe let it go. Porsha then asked if anyone else had any other grievances they needed to air. In comes newcomer Shamari DeVoe.

She asked Porsha why she had been giving her the cold shoulder. Porsha said she felt Shamari was being shady toward her after Cynthia's Bailey-cue, which Shamari explained was because she thought Porsha was the one who said she needed a makeover. After rehashing what actually happened, everyone agreed it was Eva who said Shamari needed the makeover.

For what feels like the 100th time this season, Eva denied being shady to anyone.

"The Real Housewives of Atlanta" airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on Bravo.

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