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The drama kicks into high gear right off the bat in this sneak peek.

Not even 20 minutes into the premiere of "Temptation Island" and one of the show's couples is already making things awkward.

In an exclusive sneak peek clip at the first episode of the reality show -- where four couples put their relationships to the test by mingling with a group of 24 eligible men and women in Maui -- one of the first fights of the season breaks out as the singles introduce themselves.

Meet Shari and Javen, high school sweethearts who met when they were 16. They joined the show to prove they're really meant to be together and can trust each other after Javen cheated on Shari in college. Being on the series will also give Shari a chance to tip her toes into the dating pool, as Javen is the only guy she's ever dated.

But as the men and women vying for their attention introduce themselves, tensions between the couple are hard to miss. "This whole lineup is horrible I feel for you guys," Javen tells his girlfriend in the clip. "Oh, so you feel like it's good for you?" she shoots back, "Why wouldn't you say it's horrible for you too?"

"You're like accusing me of being attracted to people and I'm not ... I'm not worried about nobody, so don't put stuff in my mouth or ideas in my head that's not there. What's wrong with you?" Javen then asks her.

While they're talking quietly to each other, it's hard to miss, as both the singles and other couples make comments under their breath about how "uncomfortable" the whole conversation is making them.

We'll see how this pair fares when "Temptation Island" premieres January 15 at 10/9c on USA Network.

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