'American Horror Story' Transformations

The "American Horror Story" creator says "the witches will be back" and Angela Bassett is here for it.

Sounds like we may not have seen the last of Marie Laveau just yet!

Angela Bassett tells TooFab she'd be down to step into the voodoo priestess' shoes once again, after "American Horror Story" creator Ryan Murphy promised the witches of "Coven" would return in a future season of the show. "Not next season," he teased, "but we have something really fun planned."

"I heard that," Bassett said excitedly. When asked why she thought the "Horror Story" fandom went wild for the witches' return this year and clings so firmly to those characters, she exclaimed, "It's the year of the woman!"

"It's the year of the woman, female empowerment, I am woman hear me roar. They're roaring, making noise and making things happen," she said. "Standing strong and voices being appreciated and it's just interesting. It's very, very interesting and a lot of fun. Bring the witches back!"

When asked if she'd return too, schedule permitting, she gave an affirmative "Yeah!"

After starring in the full season of "Coven," Bassett returned as Marie in the season finale of "Apocalypse," which saw her character busting out of Papa Legba's hell to help Cordelia (Sarah Paulson) and the other witches battle Michael (Cody Fern). Sadly, the antichrist killed her, but a new timeline was established at the end of the episode -- meaning Marie could still return.

For now, see Angela kick Autobot ass in the new Transformers prequel, "Bumblebee," in theaters December 21.