Miss Philippines Takes the Crown at Miss Universe 2018 Pageant

The "I Like It" singer also absolutely destroys a driving course, proving why she doesn't have a driver's license.

Thanks to James Corden and the latest installment of "Carpool Karaoke," Cardi B has tapped into a whole new demographic for her music.

She also explained her love of ASMR to "The Late Late Show" host, who gave it a try, and even tried her hand at driving to hilariously horrific results. But at least she had a good message for a group of school children along the way.

Cardi couldn't help singing out the window as she and James drove the streets of Los Angeles belting their way through her greatest hits. But as they were driving by a school with children on the playground, she had a message for them.

"What’s up, children? What’s good? Stay in school. Listen to your mom, or you won’t be getting any Christmas," she shouted to them.

Of her own childhood, the rapper admitted that even though she grew up in what many have called a ghetto, she still found a way to have fun. She just defines it differently. "Playing hide-and-go-seek in the hallways, having hookie parties and getting chased by the police, that kind of used to be so fun to me."

Now, she has more grown-up ways to have fun, like collecting cars. Now that she has five very nice and very expensive cars, James just had one question for her: "You can’t drive, so what’s the point of having cars?"

"To take pictures with."

Well, James decided to help her out by giving her a driving lesson, and let's just say it went even more adorably wrong than you could possibly imagine without there being a major wreck. At one point, she looked out the window at the course behind her and noticed all the flags.

"Why are they all on the ground?" she asked. Corden alternated from gales of laughter to abject terror throughout their time on the course.

After he regained the wheel, he asked about her fascination with ASMR, a growing trend on YouTube where people record and enjoy videos of supposedly soothing sounds made with the mouth, nails and other things. Cardi finds it helps her to relax and go to sleep, but not so much when James is doing it.

"No that’s nasty," she said after one attempt. And it just went downhill from there.

Things picked up tremendously when James took her to a senior center to try and broaden her base. In fact, a gentleman named Gunter tried to pick her up while she was dancing with him and her response was just so precious.

Perhaps more impressively, the seniors proved to be big fans of her performance of "I Like It." Never underestimate the hipness of senior citizens!

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