'The Voice' Winners: Where Are They Now?

Social media fans were immediately up in arms and not just about the winner, but about the placement of the other three contestants as well.

Another reality show competition finale, another controversial result. This time, the Twitter outrage machine erupted over the crowned winner of "The Voice" Season 15.

The Final Four included Team Blake Shelton's Kirk Jay and Chris Kroeze going up against Team Kelly Clarkson's Chevel Shepherd and Team Jennifer Hudson's Kennedy Holmes. Adam Levine did not have any contestants remaining in the finale.

Even the winning coach seemed shocked to see their contestant showered with confetti, as it did not track with most statistics through the season, and they were not even remotely the odds-on favorite to win the season. Far from it, in fact.

On Twitter, the disdain began immediately when Kennedy was named in fourth, followed by Kirk in third. And then, it was 16-year-old Chevel who took the title from Chris and they were done. Her coach, Kelly Clarkson, has the dubious honor of winning in her first two seasons on the show, but this one has certainly brought some controversy with it.

Some fans saw hints of racism in the final results, as both remaining black contestants wound up in those third and fourth slots. "Eliminate the black people first," wrote one user. "You're not slick, but okay #TheVoice."

Even "The View" co-host Sunny Hostin chimed in Tuesday night with her shock, tweeting, "Um I’m confused. How is it possible that Kennedy cane (sic) in 4th place?"

Kennedy had the most vocal support, with her name trending high on its own into the night and many fans thinking she should have taken the whole thing. Kirk saw some love as well, but runner-up Chris was virtually overlooked entirely.

"The Voice" courted controversy a few weeks ago, as well, when Adam Levine essentially lobbied for Reagan Strange, a young teen white girl who could not sing to save herself, over another of his contestants who had just sang his heart out. And he did it in front of that contestant, DeAndre Nico.

The arguably weaker singer, Reagan won that vote thanks to her coach's big assist only to get eliminated the very next week. And while Nico did return to perform on "The Voice" finale, he shared no words with Adam.

He did, however, speak out with 12NewsNow after the initial incident, telling them, "I just felt like he sold me out, you know? And I just don’t respect it, just being honest.”

While many online called for Adam's resignation from the show after the controversial moment, the coach is already signed on for Season 16. It remains to be seen if his actions will have any repercussions when it comes to aspiring artists choosing to be on his team.

As for the Season 15 winner, Chevel's next challenge is seeing if she can become the first "Voice" winner to really break through and become a bona fide superstar, as her coach Kelly Clarkson did coming out of "American Idol." At least she has someone who might know a thing or two about that in her corner.

In the meantime, they'll both have to deal with a lot of frustration in the Twitterverse, some of which we've gathered below: