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It was a tough competition between several deserving clips we can't stop laughing at, including pool shaving, cannabis running and "In My Feelings" gone wrong.

Every year there are random moments captured on camera that we can't stop sharing with our friends, but Jimmy Kimmel was ready to declare which one emerged as the viral "Clip of the Year" on Wednesday.

Of course, he first had to throw up some nominees from all the clips we all laughed about throughout this past calendar year so we could all enjoy them again. Of course, there's the woman shaving in a public pool (gross!) and the sleeping guy careening off into traffic (yikes!).

He also spotlighted a viral news video of one of the most awkwardly ironic moments ever to happen during a live broadcast. But after Drake's "In My Feelings" track created a viral sensation all on its own, it seemed a no-brainer that the "Clip of the Year" would come from this vast collection of people dancing outside their cars.

There were definitely some good ones, but we have to agree that Kimmel and his team selected the right one. And then, to accept his award, out came the star of the video, Jaylen Norwood. The young man first achieved minor fame when his disastrous video first went viral, and now he's literally being rewarded for his self-described "stupidity."

He even appeared on "Kimmel" over the summer, where he said the car that slammed into him was part of a choreographed stunt gone horribly wrong. Thankfully, he uploaded the video anyway and the rest is history.

Jaylen took his moment in the spotlight after his big win to give a heartwarming acceptance speech with a touching message.

"I want to thank my beautiful parents for absolutely nothing," he said. "You had nothing to do with this video. You were against this video from the start. I told you my stupidity would make me famous and it did."

It also could have given him a concussion and serious injuries. Luckily, he got by with only a few scrapes and bruises. Kimmel then asked him to recreate his #InMyFeelings dance for the studio audience, but this performance unfortunately ended in a very familiar way.

Our hats are also off to his poor father in the audience, looking about as proud as you might expect a father to look after his son so triumphantly won an award for stupidity.

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