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The host also spills on the insane amount of hookups that went down on Season 2 of the MTV show.

Any show that throws a bunch of exes into a house together is sure to be filled with drama. Add "Teen Mom" alum Farrah Abraham into the mix, however, and it's all over.

MTV's "Ex on the Beach" returns for Season 2 on Thursday night, with new houseguests including Farrah, a few ladies from the "Bad Girls Club," the show's first gay singles and alums from shows like "Big Brother" and "Survivor."

And according to host Romeo Miller, it's going to be wild. Read on for our full Q&A with the star!

Who were you surprised to see show up for the second season?

It's a very interesting mix, people from 'The Bachelorette,' 'Survivor,' so the personalities that's already in the house is a lot. This season is a whole other beast from Season 1. It's like a roller coaster ride, up and down, good times, crazy times, fun, fun, fun, and then serious. So this show has a little bit of everything.

We love our 'Teen Mom' and we're interested to see Farrah. In the premiere alone, she causes a lot of drama. What did you see from her?

She definitely was spicing things up from day one. You're also gonna see this growth as well, but it is a process you're going to see with Farrah.

I will say this, the first meeting -- when I had on my mask and nobody knew what was going on and they thought they were on a dating show -- Farrah was the only one who didn't give me a hug. She didn't know who I was, I had on a mask. When I took off the mask, she was like, 'Oh now I'll give you a hug.' At first she was being bad and bougie.

We know her ex, Simon Saran, will show up. What's her reaction for that?

Farrah's reaction will be "Get me the hell up out of here." I think that's a lot of people's reaction when their exes pop up. We have a few on there who were excited to see their exes, you gotta tune into MTV, but some people were actually really really excited to see their exes.

Are you surprised to see that reaction?

I'm actually not, because I feel in a relationship it can either go two ways, where you're leaving on a good note or leaving on a bad note. When you leave on a bad note, sometimes one person just feels a lot different than the other or didn't get to say what they wanted to say. They kind of get a second chance.

How would you fare on this show?

It would be very boring, because I'm cordial with all my exes. If they did me dirty or they weren't the best people, I always close everything in peace, I have to, life is short. That's why I'm the host, they call me Dr. Phil on here. I be throwing around knowledge. I feel everything is a lesson, that's what I've learned in life, getting to know people and being in relationships. You gotta just realize we don't own anybody, we all have our own journey and the people we come across are a lesson or a blessing.

Who do you think needs the most advice?

Every damn body, that's why they're on the show! If I had to be honest, I'd probably say ["Big Brother" star Corey Brooks], because he's a good guy with good intentions but he does not communicate what he really feels. You're gonna see that on the show, communication is key, as is being straight up. That's what we learn, just tell the truth, be brutally honest, trust me, it'll help you down the line.

Are there any surprising hookups you can tease?

All I'm gonna say is when I entered my house to have my one-on-one talks with people, they told me, Romeo, do not sit anywhere. I wasn't allowed to sit down because of what was coming out of people during .. I'm not gonna be saying ... but basically, you could go roller skating there with socks on on that floor. They're humping like rabbits in there. Y'all can do the math, everybody's hooking up with everybody.

"Ex on the Beach" premieres Thursday, December 20 on MTV.

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