Kevin Spacey Creeps Out Internet on Christmas Eve with Weird Monologue Declaring, 'You Want Me Back'
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Disgraced actor delivers plot twist no one saw coming by dropping a comeback video the same day news hits that he's facing a felony sexual assault charge.

Kevin Spacey just creeped out Alyssa Milano and pretty much everyone else who watched his new YouTube video declaring the world wants him back after his career was destroyed by numerous sexual misconduct, harassment and assault allegations.

Spacey dropped "Let Me Be Frank" on Monday, and the timing couldn't have been any worse, even if it was intentional.

The three-minute monologue, in character as Frank Underwood from "House of Cards," arrived on the internet the same day news hit that he's facing a felony sexual assault charge in front of a Massachusetts judge next month. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the actor will be arraigned on a charge of indecent assault and battery at Nantucket District Court on January 7, 2019.

The charge stems from Boston TV news anchor Heather Unruh holding a press conference last year for her son to tell the disturbing story of how Spacey allegedly got him drunk and assaulted him when he was just 18. TMZ obtained the court documents alleging that Spacey bought the underage teen drinks, asked about his penis size, tried to lure the young man back to his home for an after party, and even reached through the victim's pants to touch his penis. The victim eventually ran out of the bar.

"My son was a starstruck, straight 18-year-old young man who had no idea that the famous actor was an alleged sexual predator or that he was about to become his next victim," she told the media at the time. "When my son was drunk, Spacey made his move and sexually assaulted him."

Her son's attorney, Mitchell Garabedian, on Monday released a statement reading, "The complainant has shown a tremendous amount of courage in coming forward. Let the facts be presented, the relevant law applied and a just and fair verdict rendered."

Milano, who is an advocate for women's rights and sexual assault victims, tweeted Spacey's video along with an article about the arraignment. "After you read this —- then watch the creepy video Mr. Spacey posted after the news broke," she tweeted.

The video features Spacey, who was fired from "House of Cards" over the sexual misconduct allegations (which included Netflix production assistants coming forward), talking to viewers from a kitchen wearing a Christmas-themed apron. "We're not done no matter what anyone says. And besides, I know what you want -- you want me back," Spacey, er, Underwood said.

"Of course some believed everything and have just been waiting with baited breath to hear me confess it all, they're just dying to me declare that everything said is true and that I got why I deserved," he said. "Wouldn't that be easy, if it was all so simple? Only you and I know it's never that simple -- not in politics and not in life."

"My confidence grows each day that soon enough you will know the full truth," the actor concluded. "Well wait a minute. Now that I think of it, you never actually saw me die, did you? Conclusions can be so deceiving. Miss me?"

Based on the vast majority of Twitter reactions from Hollywood and beyond, the answer is a clear and resounding no.

Watch the video above and see how people, including a lot of Hollywood comedy writers, are responding below.

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