11 Most Retweeted Tweets of All Time

Ariana Grande takes the MVP slot.

Twitter in 2018 was loaded with Tide-soaked grins, "ghost-riding" cars for Drake's #InMyFeelings challenge, and President Donald Trump continuing to be the most unpresidential president in modern history. We can't get behind any of those things, but what we can appreciate the finest celebrity tweeters in Hollywood and beyond.

With just the push of a button, these famous tweeters could cause a shift in the pop culture landscape as we know it, so with this great power comes great responsibility, right Uncle Ben? Nah, not on Twitter. Celebrities are often just as careless as the rest of us in terms of what thoughts they make public, with those unfiltered statements often leaving the longest-lasting impressions on the public, for better or worse.

Just ask Roseanne Barr, who did not make this list. On the other end of the spectrum, Ariana Grande had a quite a year, both IRL and on social media. The pop star's personality truly shines through her posts -- both comical and shady -- landing her numerous spots on our list of favorite celeb tweets of the year. Another dark horse, or shall we say bird, in this ecclectic mix of personalties is Elon Musk, whose hilarious feed blasted into our lives like a SpaceX rocket lighting up the southern California sky.

Of course, plenty of the usual suspects made the cut, too. Take a look at the tweets that had us refreshing our feeds this year.

Seth Rogen's Incredible Twitter Interactions with His Mom Sandy

If you thought Seth Rogen was a gem on his own, wait until you see the tweets from his mom, Sandy. The actor put hilarious interactions with his mom on full display by quote retweeting her total mom tweets. Sandy is basically every other suburban mom you've ever seen on social media, and love her for it. Go ahead and throw her a follow.

Anna Kendrick Forgot She Was in 'Twilight'

What's funnier than forgetting you starred in one of the highest grossing films ever? Anna Kendrick had us in stitches reminiscing over simpler times.

Ariana Very Publicly Spills Details About Pete Davidson's Junk

In a now-deleted tweet, the typically private pop star stunned fans by putting Pete Davidson's "junk" size on blast. The tweet was a reply to a Twitter user, so not too many caught the raunchy post in all its glory. Knowing that someone as unassuming as Pete Davidson is packing, this launched one of 2018's most viral acronyms, "BDE," which stands for "big dick energy."

Stars Unloaded on President Trump

It's safe to say there was no shortage of celebrities trashing President Donald Trump throughout his second year in office. Between Captain America calling the President of the United States a "pile of garbage with a butthole for a mouth" and "Harry Potter" author J.K. Rowling LOLing so hard at Trump claiming he's a good writer, there was so much political haterade flowing on the social media platform, and we drank it all up. Relive some of our favorites below.

Post Malone Shares His Wisdom

According to Post Malone, you can't trust ANYONE who would turn down a mozzarella stick. And he ain't wrong.

The "Billy on the Street"-"Captain America" Crossover We Deserve

Billy Eichner's voice over a clip from "Captain America" is pure internet gold. That's all.

Ariana Grande vs. Piers Morgan

Ariana Grande is no stranger to online hate. With close to 60 million followers on Twitter, there's bound to be a few (thousand) trolls here and there. But it wasn't until Piers Morgan picked a fight with the pop star's mom, Joan, that the singer committed to an all-out war of words. Ariana managed to get a few great shots in at Morgan, and the internet was living for it. Lesson learned here? Don't mess with Mama Grande!

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Are STILL #RelationshipGoals

After all these years, this couple still manages to make us jealous. How are they so perfect together? It very well could be Teigen's impeccable social media skills. The model tends to publicize many aspects of her relationship and life across her social platforms, making us feel as if we're part of the family. We can't wait to see what 2019 brings for these two (plus Luna & Miles)!

Everything Elon Musk Tweeted This Year

We had previously known Elon Musk as the founder and CEO of Tesla Motors and SpaceX, but in 2018 we learned so much more about the tech mogul just from his Twitter feed this year. Not only is he hilarious and just plain weird, his interests skew a bit niche which makes him that much more fascinating to monitor.

Who Needs Therapy When We've Got SZA

SZA seems like a total girl's girl; the kind of friend who would slash your ex's tires. You know, a real pal. Which is why her honest response to a fan's tweet asking how to get a man to "cooperate" got us saying "YAAAASSS, QUEEN! Dump him!"

Finally, Something Kanye West Said That We Can All Agree On

Kanye West is no stranger to criticism. Every single one of his tweets is inspected under a microscope by hungry fans waiting for him to say something controversial. But in between the craziness of his very wild 2018, there was one thing the rapper said that we think everyone can agree on.

Ariana Grande's Original 'thank u, next' Tweet

After calling off her engagement to Pete Davidson, the entire world wanted to give Grande a huge hug. It wasn't until the pop star's original 'thank u, next' tweet that made us realize she doesn't need a man. We also had no idea what was coming after that. Iconic.

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