'Bird Box' Breaks Huge Netflix Record as Reese Witherspoon Declares It 'Scariest Movie' of 2018
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The streaming service did not reveal the previous record holder, though.

"Bird Box" is a huge hit.

We kinda figured, since it had everyone on Twitter talking, including Chrissy Teigen and Missy Elliott, but the streaming service confirmed our suspicion Friday morning on Twitter.

Since the apocalyptic horror movie starring Sandra Bullock dropped a week ago, 45,037,125 accounts have pressed play.

According to the company, that total clinches the record for best first 7 days ever for a Netflix film. While box office results for theatrical releases are very easy to track, Netflix is notoriously tight-lipped over viewership data -- unless that data makes history, apparently. The company did not reveal what the previous record holder was.

Reviews are mixed, with a 65 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, but Netflix subscribers seem happy with it. The thriller follows Bullock's character struggling to survive in a world in which the population has been decimated by mysterious monsters that drive people to commit suicide after seeing the beasts. With two timelines, audiences see Bullock joining up with a group of survivors, and then journeying down a river with two small children toward a possible sanctuary.

Reese Witherspoon became the latest Hollywood star to rave about it, declaring it the "scariest movie" of 2018 on Friday morning.

Teigen would probably agree with that statement. The model and TV personality took to Twitter after watching it to request some company to calm her nerves.

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