'RHONJ' Tea: Jennifer Fumes When She Reads Jackie's Shady Newspaper Article Inspired By Her 'Spoiled' Kids
'Real Housewives' Before They Were Famous

A heated Jennifer Aydin confronts fellow newcomer Jackie Goldschneider about a shady article she wrote about parenting.

Jackie Goldschneider has found a new "Real Housewives of New Jersey" enemy: Jennifer Aydin.

On Wednesday's intense episode, Jennifer found out her journalist co-star wrote an article for a local New Jersey newspaper about parents who spoil their children. Although Jackie didn't name names, it was obvious the article was about Jennifer, given the very specific references to the latter's ostentatious home.

Jackie has been the most vocal about her distaste for Jennifer's tendency to brag, but the two have never had any sort of heated confrontation -- until Jennifer felt her parenting was being brought into question.

And what better time and place to air your grievances with a friend than at another friend's child's First Holy Communion celebration? Poor Melissa Gorga was just trying to redeem Joey's Communion party, given that all hell broke loose at his Christening. (Remember that? Joe vs. Joe? What a time it was to be alive.) Unfortunately, Jennifer just couldn't resist.

She vented to Teresa Giudice about the whole debacle, which only fueled Teresa's hatred for Jackie. (A few episodes back, Teresa kept insisting to Melissa that women have control over their husbands. Eventually, Jackie interrupted and asked Teresa if her husband would be in prison if she had control over him. That didn't end well for anyone.)

In walked Jackie, completely unaware that Jennifer had seen the article and was livid.

"Everything okay?" Jackie asked with a smile.

"Yeah, everything good," Jennifer replied. Her face said it all. But Jackie wasn't catching on.

She started venting to Jennifer about her beef with Teresa, saying, "So when we walked in, I felt bad because I'm in such a weird place with Teresa. I feel like it's just awkward. I said something to her that she took offense to that I did not mean to be offensive. I'm also not gonna go grovel and be like, 'I f--ked up. I'm sorry.'"

Jennifer actually did a great job of maintaining her composure. In fact, she used the conversation to transition into her issue with Jackie: "Do you feel that certain things should be off limits, like husbands and children? Would you agree with that?"

Jackie said yes.

"Then why would you write an article that references to my kids being spoiled?" Jennifer continued. Jackie looked completely caught off guard.

"Did I say anything not true?" she asked. Jennifer said she felt the article was loaded with "judgment," but Jackie insisted it was "very complimentary."

"You proudly own the fact that you love your stuff," Jackie insisted. Jennifer agreed, adding, "It's okay when I say it. It's not okay when someone else says it. Do you understand that concept?"

Unfortunately for us curious viewers at home, the heated conversation was interrupted by an announcement from the DJ. Jennifer made sure to tell Jackie that their discussion was "not done," then dragged her co-star during a shady confessional.

"You are not Carrie Bradshaw, okay?" Jennifer told the camera. "You are not like, 'Oh, I couldn't help but wonder, could I write this article without seeming like a pompous, judgmental asshole?'" (LOL.)

Jackie also did what she said she wouldn't do -- she approached Teresa with her tail between her legs, asking if the two could meet up and talk at a later time and place. Teresa barely grunted but essentially agreed to meet up with Jackie.

"She's f--king delusional!" Teresa later told the camera. "If Jackie thinks that this is gonna be a nice sit-down, she's got another thing coming."

"The Real Housewives of New Jersey" airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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