'The View' Host Abby Huntsman Pregnant with Twins
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When her husband heard the news, he straight-up fainted.

Babies on board!

"The View" cohost Abby Huntsman announced she's pregnant with twins with husband Jeffrey Livingston, joining the couple's 13-month-old daughter Isabel Grace.

Talking to PEOPLE about her pregnancy, Huntsman said she was initially worried about her health because she "felt sick immediately." While she was also sick during her first pregnancy, it wasn't until about "eight weeks, so I was worried something might have been wrong."

When the two found out she was having twins, everything began to make more sense. "I think the hormones were triple what they would normally be," she explained.

Though the two are "so excited" to be adding two more kids to the family, Livingston's first reaction was definitely one of shock.

"I think he saw two sacs in there and I could see it on his face. He turned white, and then when the doctor told us, he fell," explained Huntsman. "Another doctor had to come in, and they were wiping him down with towels and giving him sugar. I was sitting there with my feet still in the straps. I'm like, 'This is ridiculous. I'm the one that has to physically do this.'"

Huntsman said her "View" cohosts have all been "so supportive," adding that Meghan McCain was one of the first people she shared the news with. "She was so thrilled because her grandma's a twin, it runs in her family, so she has sent me books about twins," Abby said. "She's like, 'My mom always wanted me to have twins,' so she's really helped me mentally get through it."

After Huntsman broke the news on Wednesday morning, McCain also shared her congratulations on Twitter.

"Love you!!!!!!! Congratulations my sister!!!!!!!!! So excited to meet these babies," wrote McCain. "You're already an incredible mom and these ones are lucky to have you as a mother and Jeff as a father! #twinning"

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