Kris Jenner Warns Ariana Grande About Chlamydia, Jennifer Coolidge Cracks Her Up In 'Thank U, Next' Bloopers
All the Hints Ariana Grande Has Dropped While Filming 'Thank U, Next' Video

The gag reel for the video gives us more of everyone's favorite "cool mom" and a previously-unseen "Legally Blonde" clip.

The goods just keep on coming from Ariana Grande's instantly-iconic "Thank U, Next" music video.

On Friday, the singer dropped a blooper reel from the shoot, highlighting some of the best goofs, alternate line readings and even deleted scenes from her picture perfect homage to chick flicks. The new footage is packed with new Kris Jenner and Jennifer Coolidge moments and, for that, we thank you, Ari.

Jenner played the singer's mom during the "Mean Girls" segment of the video, where Kris donned a pink velour jumpsuit and held up a video camera as her "daughter" and the Plastics rocked out onstage to "Jingle Bell Rock." While it didn't make the final visual, one of the outtakes shows a moment where the famous momager had some important advice for Grande.

"When I was raising Ariana, I always told her that if a guy ever f--ks with her, she should just say 'thank u, next,'" Kris said to a woman next to her in the audience. "And if she ever had sex without a condom she would get chlamydia and die." Coach Carr was right!

It also seems that Kris' scenes took her a few takes to get just right, but she wasn't the only one. Also featured in the clip were more mishaps and line goofs from the "Mean Girls," "Bring It On" and "Legally Blonde" segments.

Coolidge sure had Grande laughing on set in the footage, while a new clip recreated from "Legally Blonde" really brought us back to 2001.

The actress reprised her role as Paulette from the film, while Grande played the Elle Woods character. In the scene, Coolidge and Paulette visited her ex to take get bulldog back.

Watch the full deleted scene and blooper reel in the clip below.

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