Madonna Says She's 'Entitled to Free Agency Over My Body' After Fans Speculate She Got Butt Implants
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The Queen of Pop has spoken.

Madonna seemingly addressed all the hoopla over her mysteriously larger-than-life backside, which has been at the center of online chatter since her surprise performance at New York City's famed Stonewall Inn on New Year's Eve.

Almost as quickly as bar patrons posted videos of the Material Girl's performance, her butt began trending on Twitter, leaving many fans wondering if she had recently undergone surgery (implants, injections, Brazilian Butt Lift -- we've got options these days).

"Desperately seeking no one's approval," the 60-year-old captioned an Instagram selfie Thursday, referencing the title of her 1985 film, "Desperately Seeking Susan." "And [I'm] entitled to free agency over my body like everyone else! Thank you, 2019! It's going to be an amazing year! #2019 #freedom #respect #nofear #nodiscrimination."

So while she didn't necessarily confirm or deny speculation, Madonna did make one thing clear: She can and will do whatever she wants with her body. End of story.

More importantly than what the singer looked like, though, was her surprise performance with her 13-year-old son, David Banda, at the historic locale.

Madonna and David sang "Like a Prayer" and Elvis Presley's 1961 hit, "Can't Help Falling in Love," at the bar -- a longtime LGBT landmark.

In 1969, a riot erupted at Stonewall Inn after police raided the establishment, sparking the gay rights movement.

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