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The "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" star brings a literal "half a brain," as well as a random birthday cake, to create a truly bizarre and hilarious performance.

If you like "Escape (The Pina Colada Song)," you'll probably like it even more with callbacks from Andy Samberg after every single line.

The "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" star was sitting in Jimmy Fallon's audience on "The Tonight Show" Tuesday night with an awful blonde wig matched in hideousness only by Fallon's brunette equivalent.

He'd come prepared with a birthday cake and half a brain in a jar, which all makes sense if you listen to the story he shares with Fallon throughout the song. It almost defies description.

What was so ingenious about the segment was how committed both performers were to the act, and how Samberg kept his asides totally in rhythm with the song, creating a little piece of comedy gold within the classic tune.

Fallon played it straight throughout, which still blows us away considering how he struggled at keeping a straight face throughout his "Saturday Night Live" tenure. And with some of the lines Samberg was saying, we certainly couldn't keep it together.

Below are a few of our favorite exchanges between the two, but you have to check out the whole song to really appreciate how it all comes together.

Yes I like pina coladas ("Same, I love to drink")

Getting caught in the rain ("That's a bad thing to like")

I'm not much into health food ("I only eat birthday cake")

I am into champagne ("I love all the alcohols")

The icing on the comedy cake was that the whole song set up an actual website for the heckler and his new wife's (you have to see how this went down) business venture: CakeDonalds

It comes complete with pictures of absolute cake disasters, an even worse clip of their jingle and some important frequently asked questions like, "Why do you bake cakes?"

The answer: "Do we ask you why you sue us for food poisoning? No. Don't ask us about our jobs, and we won't ask you about yours."

It's a great way to kill a few minutes reading the descriptions of all their delicious cakes, offering a tip of the hat to managers Duncan and Millicent de la Court, and trying to get that infectious tune out of your head so you can get on with your life.

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