Child Stars -- Then & Now!

The latest "Tonight Show" sketch sees Fallon and The Roots recreating Sandra Bullock's blindfolded trek in the Netflix horror movie.

We knew there was a reason Netflix was too scared to show what the "Birdbox" monster really looked like. It's even more terrifying than Sandra Bullock could have ever imagined ... or maybe not.

It turns out the harrowing creature that can drive you insane if you capture just one glimpse of it is none other than Lindsay Lohan. So that's what she's been up to!

Actually, if the monster is supposed to show you your deepest fear, what does this "Tonight Show" sketch say about Jimmy Fallon, Questlove, Tariq and Steve Higgins? Lindsay doesn't seem all that scary to us.

And are they more afraid of Lindsay Lohan or what she represents: a care-free sense of abandon and ability to embrace the simple joys in life? After all, what was she doing when the blindfolded foursome finally made it into what they thought was a safe room?

"Hey guys," she said nonplussed after they stumbled into the room. And she just kept on dancing the LiLo.

"It's worse than I thought," Tariq said. Poor Lindsay, but at least it's good to see her getting work in film again -- even if she apparently didn't make the final cut.

And there's good news for anyone we thought dead on "Birdbox." Maybe, just maybe, they're not dead at all. Maybe they're just dancing with Lindsay Lohan forever.

For now, the former child star has been keeping herself busy as an entrepreneur, and getting ready to kick off her own reality show, "Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club," on Tuesday night. Somehow, we suspect there will be much dancing to be had, blindfolds optional.

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