Late-Night TV Returns to Rage Against Trump for Government Shutdown, Crazy Lies and Crazier 'GoT' References

Stephen Colbert is baffled by the president continuing to make "Game of Thrones" references that don't even make sense as his border wall propaganda campaign continues.

Late-night television returned to network TV Monday on a mission: take down President Donald Trump for holding the government employees' paychecks hostage while negotiating for that border wall he previously promised Mexico would pay for.

Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers and James Corden tore into POTUS for continuing to extend the third longest government shutdown in American history. (UPDATE: today marks this shutdown as the second-longest in history).

They also fact checked some of Trump's most outrageous statements and claims while their shows were on holiday break and, shocker, there was no shortage of b.s. to sort through. Enjoy late-night's funniest fire and fury at the White House below.

'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert'

Colbert got right into the government shutdown talk at the top of his monologue. "Tonight I am proud to announce that after a 17-day shutdown, I am reopening 'The Late Show.' I held my ground, because I kept my promise and built a wall of mashed potatoes around my midsection during the Christmas holidays."

The late-night critic of the president came back swinging, too. He took Trump to task for some of the wildest lies he told while "The Late Show" was on break.

On Trump saying "all" of the past presidents have told him in private they support a border wall:

"No, they haven't, because we checked," Colbert said. "Of the four living ex-presidents -- Obama, George W. Bush and Clinton -- all denied it. Even Jimmy Carter said, 'I have not discussed the border wall with President Trump and do not support him on the issue.' Even Jimmy Carter doesn't want a wall, and Jimmy Carter builds walls."

On Trump saying the Obama family "recently built a wall" around their home:

"There is no such wall," Colbert said while flashing a picture of the Obamas family home, and then whipped out his Trump impression. "'Okay, there may not be walls around Obamas house, but his house does have walls.'"

On Trump's Twitter argument, "You have Walls and you have Wheels. It was ALWAYS that way and it will ALWAYS be that way!":

"But it has changed," an exasperated Colbert fired back. "Technology has advanced beyond the wheel. How do you think we got to the moon? It wasn't in a '69 El Camino."

Colbert also LOLed at Trump tweeting yet another "Game of Thrones" reference as part of his PR push for his beloved wall.

"Forget the wall, just put that on the border. People will run," Colbert joked, and then tore into the president appropriating the popular HBO fantasy series for his propaganda campaign.

"I can understand why Donald Trump loves that 'Game of Thrones' wall, because the only walkers that got through were white," he joked. "Also, you can't say the wall is coming. That's mixing up two different things from the series. There's the wall and there's 'winter is coming.' That's like quoting 'The Godfather' by saying, 'I'm going to make him an offer he can't cannoli.'"

In addition to tearing into Trump for the wall, "The Late Show" cold open featured a classic forest-dwelling cartoon character suffering through the consequences of the shutdown.

'Late Night with Seth Meyers'

We've included the NBC star's "Closer Look" segment into the issue in the video above, because he only glossed over the shutdown in his monologue. But his lone joke in that segment was a goodie.

"The government shutdown has entered its third week, and I can’t say I’m surprised. Shutdowns are a pattern with him. Trump had a casino, it shut down. He’s in charge of the government, it shut down. He married Melania, she shut down."

Meyers argued, "There is no more basic test of a political leader than this. Can you keep the government running? And Trump is now again failing the test for the third time in his presidency. In real life, you don’t get rehired after that."

One huge impact of the shutdown is on air travel. Since TSA agents aren't getting paid, they're reportedly calling out sick to work other jobs, and Meyers imagined it will only get worse under the Trump administration.

"Donald Trump is such a bad president he found a way to make air travel worse than it already was. By the end of his term, the only airline will be Spirit, the only in-flight movie will be 'Dirty Grandpa,' and every seat will be a middle seat," he joked. "We are in a self-inflicted crisis over a government shutdown because the president is incompetent and unhinged. He's virtually incapable of uttering a truthful or coherent thought about almost anything."

Meyers had so many gripes about Trump to unload Monday night, it took him 12 minutes to roast the president for all the dumb things he said while "Late Night" was on holiday break. There was just much on Meyers' mind to recap here, so watch the "Closer Look" above, because it's as informative as it is funny.

'The Late Late Show with James Corden'

Corden took a similar approach as Colbert to the start of his monologue. "We've just spent the last two weeks not working, so pretty much like the federal government," he joked.

"Today marks the 17th day of the ongoing government shutdown, making it one of the longest shutdowns in United States history," he explained. "Or as Donald Trump calls it, the biggest, most fabulous shutdown ever."

Although Corden is not usually as political as the rest of the late-night comedians, he did devote a significant portion of his monologue to tearing into the president.

Of Trump's $5.7 billion demand to fund his precious wall, Corden joked, "I think we all remember his campaign promise where he said, 'We're going to build a wall and we're going to make a bunch of government employees pay for it.'"

Corden couldn't hold in a laugh while referencing reports of Trump saying he can "relate" to the federal employees out of a paycheck during the shutdown.

"No one's more relatable than Donald Trump, right? He's just regular, working-class family man," Corden said, and then flashed a family portrait of the Trumps in their golden New York City penthouse. "To be fair, though, maybe he can relate. Trump's filed for bankruptcy six times, right? He's actually built his entire career on not being able to pay bills."

Corden concluded, "And he does spend days sitting on the couch watching TV and tweeting. Trump's basically unemployed."

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