'RHONJ' Newcomer Jackie Goldschneider Drags Co-Star Danielle Staub Amid Divorce and Abuse Allegations
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"She runs her mouth and makes things up," Jackie says. "Things exist in Danielle's head that don't really happen in the real world."

"Real Housewives of New Jersey" newcomer Jackie Goldschneider continues to speak her mind -- even if it puts her at odds with some of the OGs of the franchise.

In a recent interview with Domenick Nati, Jackie dragged Danielle Staub amid the latter's recent divorce drama and abuse claims. Danielle married Marty Caffrey in May of 2018, and by mid-August, he had filed for divorce. Danielle filed two restraining orders against her estranged husband, alleging physical, sexual and emotional abuse. Marty continues to deny the allegations.

"If a woman feels physically threatened by a man, I think they should definitely get a restraining order, but I have no idea if he did those things," Jackie told Domenick Monday night. "I do know that Danielle runs her mouth and makes things up, but I'm not saying that she made up him being violent with her. I have no idea about that."

"If she does feel threatened, she should get a restraining order, but I also know that things exist in Danielle's head that don't really happen in the real world," she continued. "I don't know what's true and what's not, so I'm just gonna leave that between them."

Once finalized, this will be Danielle's third divorce. When asked if she feels Danielle should give marriage a fourth shot down the line, Jackie said, "She's very unpredictable to me, so I wouldn't even know how to advise her."

"I have no idea what's going through her head. I really don't," she continued. "The fact that she has been engaged so many times means she clearly likes being attached to somebody. Me and Danielle are just very different people, so I can't even be able to tell her what is right for her."

One thing Jackie knows for sure is that she'd only fix Danielle up with one of her friends if she "wanted to punish them for something" or if she "secretly hated them."

"Most of the single guys I know at my age are single for a reason," she said with a laugh. "They're a little bit of a snake, so maybe!"

It's no surprise Jackie doesn't really have the warm and fuzzies toward Danielle. Back in November, she told TooFab that of all the ladies, she "didn't really connect with Danielle so much."

During her Monday night interview, Jackie also spoke about the controversial comment she made regarding Teresa Giudice's imprisoned husband, Joe Guidice. During a recent episode of "RHONJ," Teresa and sister-in-law Melissa Gorga were going at it when Jackie blurted out, "Do you really think Melissa could control her husband's emotions? I'm sorry, all due respect, but do you really feel like your husband would be in jail right now if you could control what he did?"

Domenick asked Jackie, "How is your current relationship with Teresa Giudice, and do you regret the comments you made about her husband?"

Jackie sighed heavily and said, "Do I regret it? I stand by it. I don't regret the comment because I wasn't judging what her husband did. I wasn't judging his character. I was making a simple point about controlling your husband, not anything about specifically her husband, just in general about controlling your husband."

Jackie also has no regrets about writing that article for a local New Jersey newspaper about parents who spoil their children. Although Jackie didn't name names, it was obvious the article was about fellow "RHONJ" newcomer Jennifer Aydin, given the very specific references to the latter's ostentatious home.

"The house that I was describing at the beginning could have been anyone's house, but yes, it was Jennifer Aydin's house," Jackie told Domenick, adding, "Her children are definitely not spoiled, which was why I wrote the article."

Jackie also took a shot at "Real Housewives of Orange County" star Shannon Beador when she was asked which Housewife of the other franchises she would not want as a co-star.

"Maybe Shannon Beador," Jackie said. "I think maybe she seems a little not as open to new friendships and a little more judgmental and -- I don't know -- just maybe not as fun as I would like. I just don't think that she seems that open to new friendships or getting to know new girls."

"The Real Housewives of New Jersey" airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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