'The View' Theorizes Why R. Kelly Has 'Gotten Away' with Alleged Sex Crimes
Everyone Who's Been Fired Over Sexual Harassment Allegations

Whoopi and Meghan offer different takes after watching the Lifetime docuseries that one panelist called "sickening."

The women of "The View" came out swinging against R. Kelly on Tuesday, after almost all of them had watched the six-part Lifetime documentary chronicling his alleged sex crimes.

Kelly has continued to deny everything and has never been convicted of any wrongdoing, with his lawyers threatening to sue the network over the special. The three-night "Surviving R. Kelly" event was filled with child pornography and "sex cult" allegations, sparking the #MuteRKelly movement.

Kicking off the discussion this morning, Whoopi Goldberg asked how Kelly's "gotten away with it" for so long, wondering if it's because his alleged victims are "black girls."

"Probably has something to do with it," said Joy Behar. "It reminds me of when kids are missing and they do stories about white kids and they don't cover it when a black kid is missing."

Sunny Hostin offered that she thinks maybe people began to "give him a pass" after he was found not guilty in his child pornography case. "I don't think people understood the behavior allegedly continued," she said.

The series was especially troubling for Hostin, who specialized in sex crimes as a lawyer. "I spent the weekend watching it and I was not only riveted but disgusted and just so shocked," she continued. "I went through all my devices and I deleted every single R. Kelly song that I had on every single device. I thought, I have a law degree, I prosecuted sex crimes and then I spent the next couple hours reaching out to law friends and the legal community and said what can we do."

Agreeing with both Whoopi and Joy, she added, "Black lives, unfortunately, aren't valued the same way white lives are."

Meghan McCain then chimed in, first giving a shoutout to John Legend for speaking out during the special when many others allegedly would not. She then cautioned that she didn't know "the legalities of what I'm allowed to say on television," before adding, "I went away from this documentary saying, R. Kelly has a sex trafficking ring in his house, he's just allowed to have girls as sex slaves in his house and we're culturally not doing anything about it."

She was then reminded, by producers in her earpiece, to say "allegedly."

"That is my takeaway from the documentary," she continued. "I believe the parents, I believe the women, I believe the entertainers that were on this and I do think we're at a cultural tipping point that I don't understand why, if you're so famous, your music is so beloved, why this still is going on."

Goldberg added that she found it "interesting" his alleged behavior could continue while others have been "brought down for an allegation," as Abby Huntsman said that "if all this is true, it's sickening."

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