Ellen DeGeneres and The Rock Are Feuding Over a Jacket -- So Now He's Planning a Talk Show
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They've got matching NBC game shows and now matching wardrobes, so what's next for the unlikely television twins?

Things are getting weird in the high-stake world of NBC celebrity-hosted competition game shows, but Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson promises he's not done copying Ellen DeGeneres' style just yet.

The daytime talk show host called out the "Titan Games" creator and host after his latest promo showed him wearing a jacket that looked very familiar to her. She threw up side-by-side pics of the two of them on her Instagram page and asked him what was going on.

"First, I did 'Game of Games,' then you do 'Titan Games,'" she wrote. "I wore this jacket, then you wore it. What's next?"

Not one to back down from any challenge, Johnson shot back with the same picture and told her just how far he was willing to take this copycat game.

"Well, Ellen, I'll start my own talk show inspired by you and call it 'The Dwellen Show,'" he captioned his image. "I'd provide my guests with their fav drinks (alcohol included) and we sit around and tell our dirtiest jokes. Oh and pancakes.. I'll provide stacks of pancakes for the audience. Boom, that's the show."

Boom, we're in!

Honestly, we can think of nothing more fun than The Rock and whoever he wants to chat with slamming pancakes and booze and regaling us with their favorite dirty jokes. He might need to put this one on a premium channel, though, or maybe he could join Jada Pinkett Smith's brilliant "Red Table Talk" on Facebook.

We can already picture the triumphant return of Dwanta Claus for his annual "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" special. He could even throw DeGeneres a bone and invite her to be his first guest.

If "Drunk History" can make a smash success out of people getting hammered and talking about history, we don't see why the eminently charismatic Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson couldn't knock it out of the park with hammered people telling off-color jokes.

Hell, Johnson likes to keep himself so busy we can just imagine him mulling over his own joke here and wondering if it would be feasible to squeeze a talk show into his already packed schedule.

The answer is yes. Yes it would be. And we're not greedy. We'd be happy with six to ten episodes a year.

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