Claire Foy Has the Most Hilarious Reaction to Being Scared By the 'Queen' on 'Ellen'
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"Honestly, my heart is pounding," Foy said.

Ellen DeGeneres almost gave Claire Foy a "heart attack" when she set up the actress as the latest victim of her infamous pop-out scares.

While appearing on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" on Thursday, the actress spoke about her experience at Sunday's Golden Globes and her projects, including "First Man," "The Girl in the Spider's Web" and of course "The Crown," where Foy played Queen Elizabeth II for two seasons. During the interview, Ellen applauded Foy for seeming "fearless" in films and asked her what scares her the most in life (you can sense the set-up here, right?).

"What are you mainly scared of?" Ellen asked and Foy replied, "Anything bad happening to my daughter. I now just project anything that might go wrong on to her."

It was at that point that a man dressed as the Queen popped out of the coffee table between them. Foy, understandably, was terrified and let out a loud shriek.

"I have literally just had a heart attack," Foy said. "Who was that person?...Honestly, my heart is pounding."

While attempting to calm down, Foy asked Ellen, "Do you do this to people a lot on this show?"

"Not everyone," the daytime host joked. "A lot of people really get their feelings hurt if I don't so you should feel honored."

The Emmy winner pointed out that the man who popped out seemed "quite aggressive." Ellen played coy and said she didn't know how her staffer was dressed.

"He was dressed as the Queen!" Ellen said after showing the hilarious replay.

"It's a good sign that I didn't try to run for the exit or anything," Foy said. "I just sat there and went, 'This is going to end soon!'"

Watch Foy's priceless reaction in the clip below.

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