Every Must-See Moment from the 2019 Golden Globe Awards

The "Dirty John" actress shares a sweet Golden Globes encounter they shared followed by her immediate and weird reaction.

Connie Britton is friends with Julia Roberts, at least she kind of is. Well, whatever it is she's proud of it and was more than happy to share how it works on Wednesday's "Busy Tonight."

The "Dirty John" star shared a sweet exchange the women had during Sunday's Golden Globe Awards before quickly revealing just how unique and unusual their relationship really is.

"It's not really a functional friendship," she explained. But the real-life physical example she gave summed that up better than any explanation could.

According to Britton, when the two actresses ran into each other during the Globes ceremony, Roberts grabbed her by the face and said, "I love you."

Britton then mimed grabbing her own cheeks, saying, "I am never washing my face again."

"It’s not really a healthy friendship," she laughed. "It’s more like I idolize her and she’s nice to me."

Turning the audience, she chastised their laughter, saying, "Don't judge me."

Busy Philipps, who had Roberts on her show last year, kind of agreed that she had a similar friendship with her. To Roberts, though, these are probably just people she enjoys and thinks of as friends, or at the least friendly acquaintances.

The difference is that she is absolutely revered by so many women for her stature and career and talent and icon status in the industry. And apparently some people, like Connie and Busy, never really stop fangirling over her.

It's all cute and charming and harmless, so long as Connie isn't saying things like "I am never washing my face again" directly to Roberts in that moment.

She also shared that Roberts has tried to help set her up with different men, so they're at least that level of friend. When Busy suggested that Roberts is probably great at that, "Yeah, yeah, yeah," Britton agreed. "It hasn't worked out yet, though."

The actress also revealed an even crazier Golden Globes encounter when one of the men working security approached her and told her he was the man who arrested the "Dirty John" her show is based on. Check out that wild story and more in the video above.

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