'Teen Mom' Stars and Their Kids

Meanwhile, Chelsea's daughter Aubrey faces major disappointment from her father, Adam.

We barely had time to reflect on "Teen Mom OG," when the drama of "Teen Mom 2" barreled back into our lives on Monday night's season premiere.

Chelsea Houska, Kail Lowry, Leah Messer, Briana DeJesus and the one and only Jenelle Evans returned to MTV with an episode that was filled to the brim with awkward encounters, missed connections and one brutal game of He-Said-She-Said.

Ready to dive on in? We're breaking down the latest developments by mama below:

Jenelle Evans

Now that her husband David Eason has been booted from the show thanks to his trans and homophobic social media comments, Jenelle has reunited with mom Barbara again, giving her someone to vent to about new allegations her ex, Nathan Griffith, has levied against her.

Before the season began filming, Nathan refused to return son Kaiser to David, after finding bruises on the child's behind. Nathan said they looked like they had been made with a switch and claimed Kaiser confirmed David hit him. Jenelle maintained the marks were from a waterslide at school.

"Nathan is trying to do anything in his power to try to sabotage my husband," Jenelle told her mom on Monday's episode.

"Everyone wonders why my husband acts the way he does and freaks out the way he does," she continued, through tears. "It just pisses me off the way everyone thinks about David because he doesn't do anything wrong and he does everything in his power to make our family happy. to everyone out there who wants to hate on David, David is not a bad guy!"

Talking to one of his friends, Nathan explained that he doesn't want David anywhere near his son.

In the end, the exes attempted to solve their issue with mediation -- which couldn't be filmed because David was there -- but it went nowhere and both decided to take it to court.

Chelsea Houska

Things seemed pretty peachy for Chelsea, who was seven-months pregnant with her third child when filming began for the new season. She and husband Cole DeBoer had also just closed on a new home.

Unfortunately, she's still having serious issues with her first baby daddy, Adam Lind. After being charged with domestic assault, Lind was only allowed to see his daughter at a visitation center. This week, the first meeting was scheduled, but he didn't show.

Before they got the call that the meeting was off, Aubree said she knew that they had to meet at a center because her father's "not making good decisions." Mind you, she's 9. She added that she wasn't nervous to see Adam, but didn't know "what to talk about" with him.

"I'm actually more fine than I thought I would be," the child said when Adam didn't show. "I know Cole would have showed up if we had to do that, but we wouldn't have to do that, but I know he would."

She added that she was "just a little disappointed," though the ice cream Chelsea got for her helped ease the pain.

Kail Lowry

Surprisingly, Kail wasn't having any drama with any of her exes, despite a messy last season on the show.

She's once again getting along with Chris, dad to baby Lux, and said he had "really stepped up way more than I could have thought." Jo and Javi "do their own thing" she added, saying her only real drama was with Javi's new girlfriend.

Why the drama? Well, Javi was dating Kail, Briana and his new girl, Lauren, at the same time. Sneaking a peek at Javi's phone when they were together, Kail saw Lauren had called her a "twat" in a series of text messages. They've been avoiding each other since.

Oh, did we mention Lauren's pregnant with Javi's baby? Yeah, another bump.

Kail, Lauren and Javi all attended Lincoln's soccer game and while it provided the perfect opportunity to smooth things over -- or address their issues head on -- Kail avoided her altogether.

Leah Messer

Leah's got herself a new man, one who's much older than her.

Describing 39-year-old Jason to one of her friends, the 26-year-old said he's got a steady job and might be perfect for her.

"If I date someone my age, they don't get my life. They don't understand 3 kids, they don't want any part of that," she explained. Like Leah, he's been married before and he also has a son.

In perhaps the cutest moment of the episode, Jason adjusted to being filmed for the reality show. Little Adalynn's advice: "Do not fart on the cameras." Solid.

Briana DeJesus

Briana hasn't talked to Javi since the explosive season finale and has instead been spending time with one of two baby daddy's, Devoin.

Nova's father has been living with her, but the episode revolved around her kicking him out of her home.

Her complaint: he's just not making enough time to be with their kid. "I can't have that in Nova's life," she explained to a friend. "You still have a kid, your kid comes first."

"Teen Mom 2" airs Mondays on MTV.