Jane Fonda Makes Ellen DeGeneres Squirm By Discussing Vibrators
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The talk-show host had no idea she wouldn't be running her own show.

Jane Fonda can and does do whatever she wants.

The 81-year-old firecracker appeared on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" Tuesday with her equally fiery "Grace and Frankie" co-star, Lily Tomlin, to chat about their Netflix comedy series, which has already been picked up for a sixth season.

"So last season, you had a product that you -- that we can't talk about on the show -- but it's a very popular product, and..." Ellen said before Jane interrupted.

"Vibrator!" she blurted out. "You can say vibrator?"

"I...don't think we can," Ellen replied nervously. Within seconds, a shot from the show, showing the two ladies holding vibrators, appeared on the screen behind Ellen.

"I guess we can," she said, still quite nervous. By this point, there was no stopping Ms. Fonda.

"Especially for older women," she babbled, "because when the print is so small and you're old and you can't read... Plus, you see, Grace had never used a vibrator before, and our friend who died left us presents that she knew we could really use."

Cameras panned over to Ellen, who was sitting in silence -- her eyes bulging. The audience was in stitches.

But Jane kept going. "So she left me a vibrator, Grace, and I disappeared into my room, and when I came out, I had Carpal Tunnel Syndrome!" Now Ellen was cracking up, too.

"And!" Jane continued. "It was so good, that a real company tried to go into business with us. Right?" She nudged Lily, who nodded yes.

"What did they want to do?" Ellen asked.

"They wanted us to make a demonstration film," Lily replied. "I had to stop her from signing the contract."

"I wanted to do it, but she's so square," Jane added.

The audience lost it. So did Ellen.

But there were more giggles to be had. Ellen decided to ask the ladies some questions they had to answer "honestly, with the first thing that comes to mind." Of course, they had no trouble doing that.

Your first celebrity crush was...

Jane shouted, "Tony Curtis!" while Lily said, "Dorothy Malone."

"It started early," Jane said of Lily's choice.

Something everyone loves but you hate...

"Mashed potatoes," Lily said. You could hear a pin drop, but then she blurted out, "I was wrong! I don't know why I said that."

Jane's answer was "cooked bananas of any kind."

"Now you've lost the Hispanic audience," Lily said sternly. Ellen and her audience were -- again -- dying of laughter.

"I'm not running for office," Jane said. "It doesn't matter."

Your go-to excuse to get out of something...

"I'm old," Jane blurted out. Lily was stumped.

Describe each other in one word...

Lily called Jane "adorable," and Jane called Lily "genius."


Person you'd like to do a love scene with...

Jane said, "Liam Neeson or Blake Shelton." Again, Lily was stumped, so Jane tried to help by suggesting herself.

"There's enough of that going around," Lily fired back.

You've gotta watch these two in action in the video below.

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