Kardashians Confirm Kim's Baby, Praise Egg that Beat Kylie, Dish on Kris, Kanye, Scott, Sofia, Tristan and More
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All three OG stars of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," Kim, Kourtney and Khloe, converge on Andy Cohen's clubhouse for a wild night of fun and gossip.

In a moment of pure kismet for Andy Cohen, he managed to score the OG Kardashians for a sit-down for Monday night's "Watch What Happens Live." And he absolutely put Khloe, Kim and Kourtney through the wringer for this one.

Kourtney had to "Plead the Fifth," Andy asked about all their celebrity beefs, their relationships with Caitlyn Jenner and Tristan Thompson and even got their take on the world famous egg that recently beat Kylie Jenner's most-likes record on Instagram.

On top of that, Kim totally confirmed the sex of her forthcoming child, much to Kourtney's shock, and Kourtney gave her thoughts about Scott Disick possibly proposing to Sofia Richie.

She also threw some epic shade at Kim -- right in front of her! -- when asked about her "Real Housewives" tagline, and all three sisters had zero hesitation in naming momager Kris Jenner's favorite child a decade ago and now. Check out all the shenanigans below:

It's a Boy!

Kim didn't even hesitate to reveal the gender of her forthcoming baby, as well as telling Andy that the child was coming soon. "It's a boy," she said so candidly that Kourtney actually shouted, "What?"

"I got drunk at our Christmas Eve party and I told some people and I can't remember who I told because I never get drunk," Kim said, explaining why she wasn't bothering to keep it a secret anymore. When Andy pointed out that this was the first time she'd actually confirmed the news, she was nonplussed.

"It's out there," she said. And she's right. TMZ reported the news almost two weeks ago now.

Squashing Beef

Since he had the sisters, Andy decided it was his duty as a world-class journalist to get to the bottom of some of their most famous -- or is that infamous? -- beefs. The best way to do that? He asked them.

In regards to her recent beef with Taylor Swift, Kim said she was "over it." She also admitted that the two women never really talked things out, but still said, "I feel like we've all moved on."

Khloe said pretty much the same about her own beef with Amber Rose, "All good," while Kim laughed off her teasing of Lindsay Lohan's ever-changing accent. "Still confusing, but, I mean no drama," Kim said. "I like her."

And while the sisters were trying this new zen thing for 2019, Khloe still got a little fired up when Chelsea Handler came up for alleging that the sisters' reality television success is the root cause of Donald Trump getting elected president.

"If we have that much power, thank you so much, but we don't and it's crazy that she would even put that on somebody else," Khloe said. When Kim tried to say she'd since talked to Chelsea and it was cordial and everything was fine, Khloe chimed back in.

"But that's what I don't like about people," she said. "They want to talk all this crap publicly, but when they see us, they're up our ass. It's crazy. I don't like that."

And that's totally fair, but remember this is the year of calm and "over it."

Caitlyn Jenner Drama?

Speaking of "over it" and no drama for 2019. Kim dropped an intriguing statement into Andy's question about whether or not they talk to their former step-parent Caitlyn Jenner.

After confirming that they'd spoken to her as recently as Christmas, Kim said, "It's like, new year, drama free. That's like our motto this year."

"Let go and let's just be in love," Khloe agreed. It's a beautiful sentiment, but what is the connection to Caitlyn? Does she bring or represent too much drama to the girls?

Decent Proposal

Another place there won't be drama, apparently, is whatever is going on between Scott Disick and Sofia Richie. When asked what her reaction would be if Scott were to propose to Sofia, Kourtney simply said, "Congratulations."

"Yeah, we vacationed together. It's all good," Kim added.

Photos of the family vacationing together recently went viral, with everyone getting all up in Kourtney's business telling the mother of Scott's children how she should feel about his relationship.

It's remarkable how wise the internet thinks it is.

Egg-celent Marketing

One thing Kim gave the internet all the credit for was the recent viral stunt that has now seen a picture of an egg supplant Kylie Jenner's world record for most likes on an Instagram post. Kylie has held the record since early 2018 for her first picture of baby Stormi.

It sat at 18.5 million likes and then world_record_egg was born with the sole purpose of crushing her record, and it's done just that. As of this writing, it sits at more than double her likes and has actually become the most liked thing on the entire internet, surpassing the YouTube video for "Despacito."

"That was kind of genius marketing, honestly," Kim said.

Khloe agreed, adding, "I think Kris Jenner's gonna buy that egg really soon."

Kris' Favorite Kids

It's an interesting comment, and especially when you consider the girls' immediate response when asked who Kris' favorite child was a decade ago and who it is now.

Khloe spoke up immediately, saying, "Kimberly ten years ago."

But then all three girls chimed in and said in unison, "Kylie now."

"And these are facts, not what we think." Kourtney said, to which Khloe added, "We're not guessing."

Now we're not looking to make any assumptions about Kris or her relationship with her children, but we will note that a decade ago, Kim was the financial centerpiece of the Kardashian family empire.

Now that crown firmly belongs to Kylie both in business/financial success and social media attention.

Cringey Confessions

The girls were ready for true confessions, as they immediately jumped on board the idea of doing a "Real Housewives" reunion show with Andy Cohen as the host, poking and prodding at them until they all got uncomfortable. Of course, it's only going to work if they're a little less politically correct.

We got a glimpse of it when Andy asked Kourtney to give her "Real Housewives" tagline. Now, Kourtney has clearly never seen the show, but she nevertheless used this opportunity to throw some shade at her sister

"My tagline is, 'Most interesting to look at,'" in reference to Kim calling her the least interesting to look at. Then, to drive her point home, she asked her younger sister, "Did you like that?"

It was a cringey moment from Kim's recent past, but certainly not the biggest. When asked what they were least looking forward to explaining to their kids, Kim didn't even really have to specify.

"I mean, I think mine is obvious," she said. Kourtney said that it was probably some of the nastier fights she had on the show with her kids' father, Scott, while Khloe said hers was how she used to talk to Kris in the earlier seasons.

Pissed at Tristan

"I don't know why I was so pissed off," Kim said about her reaction to discovering Tristan Thompson's cheating scandal while Khloe was going into labor.

"You love me, that's why!" Khloe said. She then assured her sister that she appreciated the support saying, "I loved every second of it."

"Well, then, it was all worth it," Kim said. "My relationship with him is good. He texted me the other day to try to help him get someone out of prison." Kim's recent advocacy has been in the area of prison reform.

Weathering Kanye's Tweetstorms

Kim has done a lot of work on her husband's behalf, including her recently chiming in after people creating a false association about the meaning behind one of his tweets, connecting it to R. Kelly's sex scandals. Kanye was, rather, referring to himself and in on way endorsing or supporting the alleged sex offender.

According to Kim, Kanye chooses to use Twitter as therapy, and even though she doesn't always agree with it, or what he does with it, she has to respect his process.

"He was like, 'Look, some people express themselves, like if it's about a person, in diss records. I've never done that. Some people see a therapist ... To me, Twitter is my therapy and it's legal. ...People could end up in jail for maybe the things I'm thinking, but if I just tweet it all it might be 150 tweets, but it's how I get it out, then I feel better and I'm over it for a while."

Kourtney Pleads the Fifth

It was less exciting than we could have hoped, but at least Andy threw in the fun new twist that if Kourtney did plead the fifth on any of his questions, one of her sisters would have to answer. Kourtney fully intended to get back Kim for the "least interesting to look at" comment, and she found her in.

There was no doubt about who her least favorite of Kim's exes was, but Kourtney hemmed and hawed so much, Khloe got irritated with her. Finally, both sisters agreed, "Kris Humphries," Kim's husband of 72 days.

She was also put on the spot when asked if she would have stayed with Tristan Thompson had he cheated on her when she was pregnant. "I think I would," she said to the surprise of her sisters. At least until they considered how many times she went back to Scott after he'd screwed up.

"I think that when you have a family, you do everything you can for your family," Kourtney insisted.

For her, that meant giving Kim the opportunity to answer a question by refusing to answer which of her sisters is the least interesting to look at. "I think we all know my answer to that," Kourtney said, deferring to Kim who was asked who she'd rather be stuck in an elevator with, Drake or Taylor.

Look-A-Likes Are Kim's Jam?

One of the more dubious career choices Kim has ever made was to star in and perform her own song, "Jam (Turn It Up)." The song is the kind of dance track you'd expect from a reality star who is most definitely not a singer, so Kim was really surprised when Kourtney rated her single.

"I would give it a 9 and I'm not kidding," she said. "I really love it." Kim's shocked reaction was just too real, but for Kourtney it was as much about the experience of being in the studio and enjoying that vibe.

Khloe was just impressed that Kim had the "balls" to even do something like that, admitting that she'd never be able to do it.

Andy also asked Kim what she thought about people spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to look like her via plastic surgery. See why Kourtney yelled at her for being way too politically correct in the video below:

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