Meet the Cast of 'Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club'

There were fights, a naked bartender and one of the most chauvinistic acts we've ever seen on reality TV.

Could Lindsay Lohan fire her very first employee next week on "Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club"? We sure hope so, as Brent's actions tonight were downright despicable.

MTV's peek into Lohan's Greek beach club continued on Tuesday, in a second episode that, at times, felt like it was filmed weeks after the premiere.

Off the bat, something was a little off, as Billy -- who barely got any airtime last week -- was front and center. While he appeared on the casting special and was mentioned as Lohan and Panos were looking at "Ambassador" headshots, he was totally MIA on the first debaucherous night and only popped up as a background player the rest of the first episode. Tonight, everyone acted as if he'd been there and part of the action all along. It was odd, more on him later.

The episode kicked off with the two bosses wondering about everyone's "intentions," something that is apparently a big deal for Lohan. She's worried her employees will tarnish her good name, which, okay.

"What do you want out of your life? Not just working with me, but in life," she asks them all, before they all write their intentions down on a piece of paper. What she wrote on her own: "Make people happy. Love and be loyal. Gratitude. Change the world. Always call Oprah." Lohan also says O is her "911 ... I ask her for advice whenever I do anything."

From there, it was time to meet the featured "VIP guest" of the week, a "big diva" named Lakis who showed up with a pair of little pooches. This guy was firing on all cylinders, demanding to get his feet washed by two hunky Ambassadors assigned to him and requesting hot towels for his dogs. While Aristotle did all that was asked of him, Brent threw a hissy fit and walked away.

"The fact Brent has the audacity to just walk away, is this really happening?" said Lohan. "This is not the Brent Show, this is Lindsay Lohan. He doesn't get to do that." She was also ticked that Brent disrespected Panos, her business partner.

Speaking to Panos about their troublesome employee, Lohan told him, "You tell me who's not doing their job, you tell me who's not stepping up, that's the end of it." She added, "There's no discussion in f--king up. If he misses Vegas so much, send him home. I feel like his own agenda and that really scares me. This is my club, he's working in it. If people are going to take advantage of my future ... f--k off."

Things got a lot worse for Brent after all the servers returned to their home for the night, as Sara -- the one girl in the house he was interested in -- started to have feelings for Billy -- the guy who she apparently fell for on night one, even though he seemingly wasn't even there.

When word of this got back to Brent, he unloaded in a truly vile manner. Honestly, this is disgusting, here's everything he had to say about the women in the house:

"We are in a house of all ugly girls, they're all ugly. I'm surrounded by 2s, you're a 5, maybe a 6, but in the house you're a 10 because there's no one else to look at. We're going to gay clubs, we're going to clubs with six old men and I needed to n**. The fact that Sara has the power is a joke. I don't even think Sara is that attractive. Honey, if you were coming to Vegas, I wouldn't look twice to you. Maybe 7 pounds less, I'd talk to her. Now I feel like Sara's gum stuck to the bottom of my shoe that won't go away."

Of course, Sara overheard the entire thing, ran inside, grabbed a bottle of tequila and poured it out over his head, as another coworker threw a drink in his face. All the women were LIVING for this, as they all clearly hate the guy.

Also, Aristotle got naked during a game of Truth or Dare, which was nice.

As all this was happening, Lohan was throwing a dinner party of her own, surrounded by hot Greek men who were cooking up a storm. Worth mentioning: When one of her friends compared her to Martha Stewart, she curiously responded, "I'm not Martha Stewart, I've already been to jail." Huh?

Anyway, Brent made things worse for himself the next day, as he confronted Panos, time complaining that his boss called him out in front of everyone, instead of having a one-on-one conversation with him. Panos' explanation: ain't nobody got time for that.

Panos relayed all this -- via FaceTime -- to Lohan, who once again brought up her favorite buzzword. "Do you think maybe that his intentions are not really to work for us?" she asks. "He's drunk and he wants attention ... I don't have time for this shit, you don't have time for this shit, no one should disrespect you. If they're gonna be difficult, they're disposable, bye!"

We'll see how things shake out for Brent next week on "Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club."