'RHONJ' Tea: Jennifer Throws Infidelity In Margaret's Face Before Househusbands Go At It
'Real Housewives' Before They Were Famous

Jennifer takes aim at two costars before Danielle, Margaret and their husbands enter the fray.

Jennifer Aydin was on one on Wednesday's "Real Housewives of New Jersey."

Her first victim of the night was Jackie Goldschnieder, who had written an article for a local newspaper that referenced Jennifer's ostentatious home and "spoiled" kids. Her second target was Margaret Josephs, who last episode referred to Jennifer's soon-to-be sister-in-law as a "mail-order" bride.

Let's just say, Jen was coming in hot.

Tonight's drama began when Jackie invited all the ladies to a wine-tasting event. Jennifer was the last to show up at Jackie's house and said she needed to use the restroom before the party bus took them to the vineyard. Jackie showed her the way, and as Jennifer closed the bathroom door, she whispered to herself, "What a dump."

She later confessed, "After Jackie came into my house and used it against me, you think I'm gonna pass up the opportunity to see her house? I don't think so."

While in the party bus, Jennifer distributed all the gifts she brought back for the ladies from Turkey. She looked at Margaret and said, "Yours got lost in the mail along with the mail-order bride that never was." Everyone was stunned. Margaret was speechless.

Jennifer then explained to Jackie that her gift was "an ancient Turkish dagger that people used when they wanted to stab people in the back, so I figured I can give you something tangible, so the next time, I can see you coming."

Jackie gave back the knife, saying she didn't need Jennifer's "passive-aggressive gift." Jennifer tossed it back at Jackie, who then tossed it back at Jennifer. The two eventually got into the conversation that's needed to be had since two episodes ago. After some tears, some clarification, a hug and an apology, Jennifer and Jackie cleared the air and agreed to move forward.

Once at the vineyard, Jennifer got very tipsy, very quickly, and turned her sights once again to Margaret.

Margaret's always been very open about the way her current marriage started and why she has such a strained relationship with her kids: She cheated on her first husband. The topic of Marge Sr. and her love life came about, and Margaret said she remembers her mom only ever having one true love.

"He was married at the time, and she thought he was gonna leave his wife," Margaret shared with the ladies. Jennifer laughed and said, "I see a pattern here." No one laughed with her.

"What's the pattern?" Margaret asked sternly.

"Your mother was with a married man, and you were with a married man," Jennifer replied.

"That's not a pattern. That's called a coincidence," Margaret shot back.

Jennifer tried to diffuse the situation by telling Margaret it was a simple joke -- much like her mail-order bride joke -- but Margaret didn't think it was funny. The two proceeded to get into a heated discussion about Jennifer's brother's marriage, which she assured everyone was not an arranged marriage.

"I'm just saying, culturally, it's very hard to relate to," Margaret explained.

"So you can't relate to people who have setup marriages, and I can't relate to people who have affairs with married men," Jennifer fired back.

Margaret snapped: "Who sleeps in the f--king pool house?! Who sleeps in the pool house?!" Her comment was in reference to the cot she saw in Jennifer's pool house, which Jen joked was for her husband when she throws him out.

"You avoid making comments on something that you don't understand, and I'll avoid making comments on things that I don't understand, like breaking up a family!" Jennifer hurled back.

Ironically, Jackie was the one who broke up the screamfest.

Later on, Teresa Giudice met up with Danielle Staub, who said Margaret told her not to trust Teresa or Melissa Gorga. Naturally, Teresa was pissed and told Melissa about it. Naturally, Melissa decided to bring it up at Milania's performance in front of everyone.

"I never said that," Margaret said.

"You did, and we discussed that at my house right before we had the bachelorette party," Danielle replied.

Margaret maintained that Danielle said to her, "I don't know who to trust," and that her response was, "Well then don't trust anybody." Danielle insisted that Margaret was lying, and Margaret eventually stormed off.

On the other side of the room, the husbands caught wind of what was happening, and they started getting into it with each other.

Marty (Danielle's now-estranged husband) told Joe (Margaret's husband) that Margaret was "jealous" of Danielle and that "Margaret doesn't wanna walk into a room with Danielle because nobody will look at Margaret."

Joe Gorga had to physically hold Joe back from punching Marty in the face.

"The Real Housewives of New Jersey" airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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