Kate Hudson Comes Clean About Stalking Gwyneth Paltrow While Taking Over 'Ellen' with Goldie Hawn
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Also during their epic talk show takeover, the mother-daughter duo surprised fans on the Warner Brothers Studio Tour.

Kate Hudson admitted to Gwyneth Paltrow she "sort of stalked" her before they officially met.

Hudson talked with Paltrow about the encounter while she guest hosted "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" along with her mom Goldie Hawn Thursday. The "Almost Famous" star recalled the hilarious story of being starstruck by the "Shakespeare in Love" actress many years ago before they became friends.

"When I first met Gwyneth...I didn't really meet her, I just sort of stalked her," Hudson said. "This is a true story. It was during the short hair Gwyneth years."

"I was still in high school," she continued. "And there was this store called Tracy Ross and me and my best friend Sara Foster were in there shopping and there were only two other girls in there and it was Gwyneth and Winona."

Hudson said that she and Foster were staring at the actresses with their mouths open. The "Bride Wars" star added that she even remembered the exact clothes Paltrow purchased that day.

"I clocked all the outfits," Hudson said. "And then I said, 'Hey' and you were like, 'Hi,' and that was it. That was when we first met."

"And that was the beginning of a love story," Hawn added.

Paltrow, who was at the daytime talk show to promote her new cook book "The Clean Plate," was asked by the mother-daughter duo about some products from her wellness brand, Goop. Well, Hawn wanted to know about one item in particular.

"Can I just say one thing?" Hawn asked Paltrow. "The Vesper vibrator necklace, I mean..."

"I can't believe Mama Goldie just said the word vibrator," Paltrow interrupted. "I need to breathe."

Paltrow gave the ladies some info about the sex toy that also doubles as a necklace. It seems that they needed some clarification, as Hudson thought the "on" button was a diamond.

Hudson, who recently gave birth to daughter Rani Rose back in October, also told Ellen's audience all about her birthing experience, including when Hawn got a little too close to the action during the delivery. Hudson then pointed out that since it's hard to be away from her newborn, she wanted to "check in" to see how Rani was doing. They then showed a "live" feed of Rani at home with her babysitter, who actually turned out to be Ellen.

"Hey Kate, Goldie. Don't worry about me," Ellen said while holding a baby. "I got everything under control. You focus on the show and I am going to take care of your little darling. Girl? She? I don't know. Who cares at this age."

But it all seemed to be a joke as Hudson and Hawn said that Ellen wasn't holding Rani, but someone else's child.

Also during their epic takeover, Hudson and Hawn surprised fans who were about to go on the Warner Brothers Studio Tour. The "Fool's Gold" star and "Overboard" actress made the popular tourist attraction into a party by giving out mini bottles of alcohol and snacks.

Before the tour began, Hudson and Hawn mingled with the tour goers, including a few people from Germany. As it turns out, Hawn speaks a little German herself.

"I don't know how she speaks German," Hudson said. "But she does and if she's had a couple drinks, she's fluent."

After having "too much tequila," the ladies and fans hopped into the cart for the tour. Check it out in the clip below.

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