Even Goose the Cat Gets a New Character Poster for 'Captain Marvel'

James Corden tries his best to get the "Avengers" costars to reveal something about the upcoming "Endgame," leaving Smulders to admit, "I am terrified."

James Corden was determined to get some hint about "Avengers: Endgame" with guests Cobie Smulders and Sebastian Stan, whose characters both fell victim to "the snappening" in "Infinity War," and which cast-member they hated most.

His first tactic Wednesday night wasn't going to fool anyone, but we absolutely applaud him the effort.

"We spoke to Marvel and they said they're totally cool with you just talking about it," he told the actors.

"Oh they are" Smulders said. "Okay, okay great." But yeah, they weren't buying it.

"I don't like talking about this when you're being recorded," Smulders said. "I like doing these movies and if I say things they won't ask me to do more movies."

Sure, it seems like a solid argument, but you don't see Tom Holland or Mark Ruffalo out of work, and they're the kings of accidentally spilling secrets. They just get too excited talking about it. Kind of like Corden, when he deployed his next tactic, which was to present his own theory as to what happened.

It was way crazier than what actually happened in "Infinity War," and the reaction from his guests seemed to at least indicate that his "switch" theory is not what's going to go down.

Unfortunately, this tactic wasn't particularly helpful because literally no one but James Corden thought that the people who disintegrated would actually be the ones who carry on in the film while the ones who survived it would go ... because this makes no sense at all.

"Avengers: Tag Team," Smulders dubbed his ridiculous theory (boy are we all going to look foolish if he's right).

Bandleader Reggie Watts' theory, though, put James' to such shame that all Stan could say to it was, "You would be a lot of fun to hang out with on Friday night." You can check out his wild theory in the clip above.

Corden had more luck when he asked the pair, "Who out of the people there do you hate the most?"

After a few moments of laughter, Stan got serious and said, "Tom Holland, of course."

"Sweet, sweet, young Tom Holland," Smulders echoed.

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