Celebrity Mini-Mes: Stars and Their Kids

Yes, the "RHONJ" star makes an extended cameo in the clip.

Countess LuAnn, watch out! Another "Real Housewives" star is getting in on the music business.

Teresa Giudice's 14-year-old daughter Milania released her first video on Wednesday night, after chronicling her interest in pop music all season long on the Bravo show.

The song, "I Can't Wait to Grow Up," is an auto-tuned track all about all her dreams for the future, including covering Vogue magazine, having her own driver and traveling the world.

The single was produced by Nitt the Gritt, who's worked with Fetty Wap (who also appeared on last night's episode of "RHONJ" for a quick, kinda awkward cameo).

Teresa herself appears at the top of the video, interrupting a sleepover between Milania and her friends. Seeing the girls all on the phones, she tells them they could all do that at their own homes, before handing them a Mall Madness board game to play with instead.

From there, they're transported into the game and the song's semi-spoken intro begins: "Hey it's me Milania, I'm sure you've seen me around, you've probably seen me on TV, I'm about to go pick up my besties Tay Tay and Stephanie. We about to go pop them tags, get our nails done, hair done. We ain't chasing boys, we chasing checks, we chasing dreams, we chasing goals. Big things poppin', little things stoppin'."

Watch for yourself below:

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