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Fallon challenges "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel" star to a storytelling challenge where they must casually use words and phrases like "gnomes" and "Alex Trebek's shaved-off mustache."

She may play a standup comic on "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel" but Jimmy Fallon realyl put Rachel Brosnahan's ad-lib skills to the test in a wacky game of "Word Sneak."

The premise is simple and the kind of thing anyone could do at home. Just find a random list of words and launch into a casual conversation. All you have to do is sneak in the words on the list one by one as naturally as possible.

It's easy enough to do with words like "skunk" and even "vape pen," which were both words Brosanahan and Fallon faced. But they were also challenged to incorporate "belly dancer," "gnomes," "sorry not sorry" and "Alex Trebek's shaved-off mustache."

"People say I look like a beached whale," Brosnahan said about overeating during the holidays. "I feel more like a sturdy gnome."

You have to watch the clip to see the way they wrapped up the challenge by talking about Brosnahan's wedding celebration, which absolutely had to be a sight to see as Fallon said he got himself thrown out!

The whole thing is silly, but we couldn't help but start playing along at home each time a new word popped up. Surely we could have transitioned into "saxophone" more smoothly than that, we said to ourselves, smooth like jazz.

If they really wanted to make the game more challenging, they should add a second layer to the competition. First, an impartial third judge should keep track of how many words each person said. But then, they should try to guess the "Word Sneak" words used.

For every word you manage to say, you get a point, but for every word that your opponent can identify as one of your "Word Sneak" words, you lose a point. Suddenly, slipping it in both casually and plausibly are the key.

Now let's see you work "Alex Trebek's shaved-off mustache" so smoothly into a conversation your opponent doesn't even realize you were forced to do it.

Either way, the results are always entertaining, like a flipped version of "Mad Libs" where you insert the story around the random words list instead of the other way around.

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