New R. Kelly Accuser Details Underage Sex Allegations on 'Dateline' as Another Cites DNA Evidence
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The controversial singer's attorney, Steven Greenberg, appears on the NBC special to claim there is "no evidence" to back claims of sexual misconduct.

R. Kelly accuser, Jerhonda Pace, appeared on "Dateline" Friday night to claim that she has DNA evidence proving the singer's sexual misconduct.

During the special, "Accused: The R. Kelly Story," the woman who previously spoke out in "Surviving R. Kelly" claimed during a conversation with NBC's Andrea Canning that she still has a 10-year-old t-shirt with the the R&B singer's DNA from their alleged sexual activity. Kelly has adamantly denied all allegations over the years, and his lawyer appeared in the NBC special to refute Pace's story and other women who have come forward.

When asked how she obtained the specimen in question, Pace claimed, "After [Kelly] had spit on me, I wiped it off...I wiped it off with my t-shirt." Pace also alleged that the article of clothing has a sample of Kelly's semen on it.

"It almost sounds like Monica Lewinsky, the blue dress," Canning replied.

"Dateline" reported that the Olympia Fields Illinois Police Department took a report from Pace and collected items from her, but would not give the program more details at this time. Kelly's lawyer, Steven Greenberg, who was also interviewed during the special, said he knows "nothing" about the t-shirt.

"What do you hope comes out of that?" Canning asked, and Pace replied, "I'm hoping that he goes down."

The "Dateline" special chronicled Kelly's controversial past full of allegations of sexual, physical and emotional abuse, and featured multiple alleged victims who came forward during the Lifetime series. However, a new accuser, Tracy Sampson, also spoke about her story on-camera for the first time.

Sampson interned for Kelly at Epic Records in 1999, and claimed she had a two-year relationship with the "Ignition" singer when she was 16.

But before they allegedly got sexual, Sampson said she initially thought the singer was a "creep." She recalled being invited to the recording studio Chicago Trax to listen to the album he was working on at the time. Sampson, who said her Epic Records boss accompanied her on a "several" visits, said that Kelly made her "uncomfortable" and had suggested they both sit in a same chair.

Then one day, according to Sampson, Kelly invited her to the studio without her boss. Kelly allegedly said to her, "'Well, can I kiss you?'"

"And I was like, 'No,'" Sampson said. "He's like, 'Okay, well, give me a hug.' And then, like, when I gave him a hug, he just started kissing me."

Sampson said the encounter escalated into making out, but she then claims to have noticed that Kelly was "pleasuring himself" while they were kissing. Sampson said she was "extremely uncomfortable" and left the studio as fast as she could.

Although Kelly was in his second marriage at the time, Sampson told "Dateline" that after the incident Kelly "kept pursuing her" and they eventually began a sexual relationship. Sampson alleged Kelly would ask her to say her age out loud while they were intimate.

"While we were having sex and he was getting to that point, he's like, 'Tell Daddy how old you are,'" Sampson said. "And that was like something he always wanted me to do."

Sampson recalled that on one occasion, Kelly told Sampson he had an extra special gift for her. According to Sampson, Kelly brought in a naked woman and said he wanted to have a threesome. Sampson admitted that she felt "stupid" when she realized what was going on.

"I was in love with him. I just didn't know what to do. Like, I didn't know if this was normal," she said while tearing up. "I didn't know if this is how adults acted. Like, I -- I just didn't know. I didn't know."

Sampson said she managed to break things off with Kelly when she was 18. She filed a lawsuit against the singer, accusing him of sexual abuse. Kelly denied having sex with Sampson but settled out of court with her for $250,000.

Greenberg, Kelly's attorney, said there is no evidence of Kelly having sex with underage women and was adamant "it didn't happen." Greenberg stressed that every single one of Kelly's accusers is lying.

"I deal with facts," he said. "There is no evidence...There's not 'all these women'. There's a few women who are making these allegations for which there's no proof."

Greenberg said that Kelly is having a "very difficult time" during all of this.

"The record companies are abandoning him," Greenberg said. "Other artists are all of a sudden acting like they're shocked by these rumors that are floating around. He's having a very difficult time. But he is strong, he’s tough. He wants to put out his music and continue performing for people. And I expect that's what he'll be able to do."

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