Lady Gaga Calls Mike Pence 'Worst Representation' of a Christian for Wife Working at Anti-LGBTQ School
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The Golden Globe winner also rails against Trump's government shutdown on behalf of workers who've been forced to go without pay for a month.

Lady Gaga used her very public platform in Las Vegas to rail against both Trump's ongoing government shutdown and Vice President Mike Pence's wife working for an anti-LGBTQ school.

"To Mike Pence, who thinks it’s acceptable that his wife work at a school that bans LGBTQ? You are wrong," Gaga said during her performance of "Million Reasons" during her Vegas residency show "Enigma," as detailed by Vulture.

Karen Pence came under fire recently from liberal circles for returning to work for Immanuel Christian School in Springfield, VA, due to its extensive anti-LGBTQ policy. As described by NBC News, the policy refuses admission to LGBTQ students, students with LGBTQ parents, or even supports the LGBTQ community at all. This extends to employees as well.

It is a fairly standard stance for many orthodox Christian schools, which stand openly against homosexual behavior, transgender identity or any other aspect of the LGBTQ spectrum. But it is not the views of all Christians or Christian organizations, as Gaga exemplified Sunday night.

"You say we should not discriminate against Christianity? You are the worst representation of what it means to be a Christian," Gaga said, responding to Pence saying he was deeply offended by critics of his and his wife's Christian beliefs in this regard, as reported by The Washington Post.

Gaga went on to say, "I am a Christian woman and what I do know about Christianity is that we bear no prejudice and everybody is welcome. So you can take all that disgrace, Mr. Pence, and you can look yourself in the mirror. You’ll find it right there."

The Golden Globe winner also saved a few choice words for Donald Trump over the ongoing government shutdown that sees 800,000 government employees out of work, or being forced to work without pay. "If the f---ing President of the United States could please put our government back in business, there are people who live paycheck to paycheck and need their money."

Gaga apologized to her audience for getting political, saying, "I got upset for a second there," before sliding effortlessly back into the performance.

Her audience didn't seem particularly upset, and considering she has long been an ally for the LGBTQ community, it's really not a surprise that this issue would resonate with her to the point she'd feel the need to speak out publicly.

Plus, it never hurts to raise awareness of these kinds of issues, no matter your view, to allow needed conversations about difficult topics.

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